SAMULAŞ Disinfects Trams and Buses Against Viruses

Trams and buses are disinfected against viruses
Trams and buses are disinfected against viruses

Trams used by thousands of people in Samsun are disinfected every day against viruses.

Trams and buses connected to Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ A.Ş., which is used by more than 100 thousand people every day, are cleaned from top to bottom and cleaned from viruses and microbes. Every night, the inside and outside of the trams, the handles and seats, the floor, the ceiling and the windows are disinfected one by one by the teams in the cleaning, which is done using materials that do not harm people.


Explaining the feverish work done in the tram, SAMULAŞ Deputy General Manager Gökhan Beler said, “We take our vehicles, which are expired daily, to our main warehouse area. After our outer washing, we carry out detailed cleaning on a daily, weekly and monthly basis with our professional team who are conscious about health. Apart from our daily cleaning, we regularly disinfect all our vehicles against the corona virus. The disinfection we do is not just the visible surfaces. We are also fighting against bacteria and invisible fungi found in air conditioning and ventilation systems. We use materials that are accepted all over the world and have no side effects on health. ”


Explaining that they appeal to about 100-150 thousand passengers in public transportation per day, Beler said, “Our public transportation vehicles are exposed to pollution every day. We continue our work with our professional team to clean this contamination in the best way. Our citizens from Samsun can easily use our trams and buses. ”



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