Unemployment Ends If Sivas Railway City

If Sivas is a railway city, the unemployment ends.
If Sivas is a railway city, the unemployment ends.

Abdullah PEKER, Chairman of the Transport and Railway Employees Union, made a press release for unemployment in Sivas. Peker touched on many topics in his statement.

We see that our businessmen from Sivas refrain from investing in their home country.

Our existing institutions are constantly losing blood.

The solution recipe for the Unemployment Problem, TÜDEMSAŞ, has been saying in written and visual media for years. We regret to state that a positive study has not been done at this point. Sivasli's only hope is the bread door TÜDEMSAŞ

All of our politicians, bureaucrats and NGOs complain about the unemployment problem. We know that people want jobs when they come to Sivas.

Unemployment ends if Sivas Railway City should be.

While it was Sivas Railway City years ago, it was far away from that location these days. Two important factors for the development of Sivas are the development of High Speed ​​Train (YHT) and TÜDEMSAŞ. When the High Speed ​​Train Services start, it will start with the easy transportation to our city with money flow and investments.

If TÜDEMSAŞ develops, the money flowing to the current Sivas market will increase to ten million lira per month and forty million lira. These two factors will end unemployment in Sivas and cause industrialization to settle.

For now, YHT is planned to stop at 2 stations during a 9-hour journey, saying that unemployment and poverty will disappear in Sivas. After Ankara, Elmadağ, Kırıkkale, Yerköy, Yozgat, Sorgun, Akdağmadeni, will reach Sivas after Yıldızeli. The fact that it will add commercial and socio-cultural value to the high-speed train settlements passing through here will provide added value to the economy of the country that will revive tourism with the promotion of these provinces.

TURKEY TÜDEMSAŞ of the oldest Kurmi.

Our goal is not to beat the Bagci, but to eat grapes.

Subsidiary industry organizations that can shorten the workability and transportation of firms and create workforce that support production, become more efficient and productive in these cities, and stop the population growth in large cities and provide incentives to other provinces will also balance the population distribution.

The importance to be given to Sivas and Kayseri, which is the gateway to the east from Ankara, and the society that constitutes the country mosaic, has the desire to progress further in fields such as science and education with its industry, with its transportation, which will enable better development with top job employment. Because they keep the issue of unemployment in our local press constantly on the agenda

Thank you"

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