Putin Performs Crimean Bridge Railway Test

putin dirt bridge carried out railway test
putin dirt bridge carried out railway test

📩 16/10/2021 06:42

Russian President Vladimir Putin opened the railway part of the Crimean Bridge, which connects Krasnodar with the Crimea through the Kerch Strait.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Vladimir Putin said that he is confident that Russia will implement projects similar to the Crimean Bridge in the future.

You have proven that Russia has the power to realize such projects.

SputnikAccording to the news of; Addressing the employees involved in the construction of the bridge, Putin said, “You have proved with Russia's ability, determination and determination to be able to carry out such global-scale infrastructure projects. This is the largest bridge of not only Russia, but also Europe, in terms of its length. You have shown that we can realize such large projects within our national technologies. This gives us confidence that we will be able to carry out similar projects in the future and we will definitely implement them. ”

About 2020 million people will cross the bridge in 14

Putin, in 2020, about 14 million people across the Crimean Bridge and about 13 million tons of cargo expected to be transported, he said.

Describing the opening of the railway section of the bridge as a very important and happy development for both Crimea and Sevastopol and the whole of Russia, Putin underlined that infrastructure facilities such as this large bridge will affect the entire country's economy.

Putin will go to Krasnodar by train

Vladimir Putin will travel from Crimea to Krasnodar using the new bridge by train after the opening ceremony.

The longest bridge in Europe

The bridge that connects Krasnodar and Crimea over the Kerch Strait is the longest bridge in Russia and Europe with a length of 19 kilometers. The bridge, which was opened to car and bus traffic on May 15, 2018, was opened to the passage of heavy vehicles on October 1.

Freight trains are planned to start crossing the railway section of the bridge from June 2020.

The total amount of the bridge, whose construction was financed by the resources of the federal budget, amounted to about 228 billion rubles (about $ 3.6 billion).

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