Black Sea Railway to Create New Trade Sectors in Ordu and Region

black sea railway to increase trade in army and territory
black sea railway to increase trade in army and territory

Black Sea Railway Will Bring New Trade Sectors in Ordu and Region; Servet Şahin, President of Ordu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OTSO), said that when the railway project is completed, new sectors will emerge in Ordu and the region and new trade relations will increase.

Ordu Chamber of Commerce and Industry Servet Sahin, TRT Trabzon Radio, where he was the guest of the live broadcast, Samsun Sarp Railway project and Samsun Ordu made an assessment about the railway.

Servet Şahin, who answered the questions of TRT Trabzon Radio; “Railway transportation is the cheapest, most economical and most comfortable one among the transportation vehicles. At the same time, it is the most perfect means of transportation in terms of environmental pollution. For this reason, they believe that there will be a railway age in the 21st century.

“Railway Cost 3/1 of the Highway”

Emphasizing that the railroad was constructed at a lower cost than the highway, President Şahin said; “When we look at the cost in terms of $ 12 million per kilometer of the highway, the cost of the railway is $ 4 million, so a modern railway can easily be built for the cost of a 6-lane road. For a 6-line highway, a width of 37,5 meters or 40 meters is required, while a two-track railroad is 13,5 - 14 meters wide. This is an excellent tool that can be made cheaper and more easily in terms of expropriation..

“Railway will bring the sea way”

When the railway transportation is completed, President Şahin said that sea and sea transportation will increase in the region. “We cannot use our Black Sea coast very much right now. However, in the future, we will use the sea roads along with the construction of railways. If rail transport comes to our region, sea transport will also be used in our region. ”

“New Trade Sectors Will Be Born”

Stating that new trade sectors will emerge by rail, President Şahin said; “They wanted the Samsun Sarp Railway project to come to Ordu, but we are in favor of this road reaching Sarp from Giresun, Trabzon, Rize. Because when this railway reaches the borders of Georgia, Azerbaijan and the Caspian Sea, a new trade sector will emerge. It will lead to the emergence of new sectors and increase of new commercial relations both in terms of tourism and industry. This path will surely bring vitality to our region. ”

“Ordu Logistics Center will be”

Finally, President Şahin said that there was no problem for the railway to be built between Samsun and Ordu; ". Once this project is completed, at least the domestic transportation will be easier. This road is very important for Ordu in terms of tourism and commercial. From Ordu to Samsun, to Ankara, perhaps to Paris, it could be easily reached by a modern railway transportation. At the same time, most nuts Army is producing in Turkey, produces the most honey, produces the most kiwis our city but did not market them. After that, when the transportation becomes easier, it will be easier for the Army to introduce itself to other countries. As soon as this railway project is completed, Ordu will be a logistics center. Our industrialization, which we lack as a province, will develop and our expansion to the world will be easier. ”


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