World's First Fully Electric Tugboat from BMA

world's first fully electric trailer
world's first fully electric trailer

22 shipyard is on the reference list of BMA Technology which carries out projects at 33 shipyard in the world. In the 4 different shipyards in Turkey with different projects BMA Netherlands, Russia, Bulgaria, has continued in countries such as Bangladesh project.

BMA Technology, which acts as a solution partner in the shipbuilding sector in the fields of electricity, automation and electric propulsion systems, provides Hybrid and Electric Propulsion Systems, Low Voltage Panels, Integrated Alarm Monitoring and Control Systems, Control Consoles and engineering and commissioning of these products within the scope of turnkey solutions. and after-sales support services, and 30 engineers work in the R & D center.

In particular, R & D activities thanks to the many special projects carried out in Turkey in recent years Electrical Systems Integrator as the preferred BME Technology, Multipurpose Amphibious Assault Ship is the largest ship built for the Turkish Navy TCG Anatolia, the largest luxury yachts produced in Turkey (85 meters), the largest cruise ships will be manufactured in Turkey (meters 123, 640 passengers), the largest ferry produced in Turkey (200 meters) and taking part in pioneering projects such as full electric tug will be the first in the world.

The design of Navtek A.Ş. All electrical, automation and propulsion systems of the world's first fully tugboat - Zeetug - are provided by BMA with BMA-specific solutions. All the energy the ship needs is derived from 1,5MWh batteries. This allows the tugboat to operate without releasing any gas emissions and significantly reducing operating costs.

Dr İlhami Pektaş

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