Free Access to Kent Derby!

free access to urban derby
free access to urban derby

, Inc. , Transportation and Traffic Management Department under the coordination of 29 September 2019 Sunday at 16.00 Derince Stadium and Derince Stadium Derince Stadium will run free derby to the city derby.


TransportationPark, Izmit Derince Stadium will provide alternative transportation to citizens. These lines are determined by the coordination of Transportation and Traffic Management Department; Specified as 115,116 and 124. Buses on line 115 will depart from Umuttepe at 12.40, 13.40 and 14.40 to reach Üçyol - Cumhuriyet Park - Orduevi - Derince Geçit and Derince Stadium.

116 AND 124 LINE

Buses on line 116 will depart from Yahya Kaptan between 11.30 and 13.30 hours to reach Halkevi - Orduevi- Seka State Hospital - Derince and Derince Stadium. will bring fans to Halkevi - Orduevi - Derince and Derince Stadium respectively. TransportationPark announced that these trips are routine passenger flights and that the fans will easily reach the stadium at the specified times.


With three flights from the Gulf region, fans will be provided access to Derince Stadium. Buses at 14.30,14.40 and 14.50 will move from Kirazliyali center to reach the stadium by taking passengers from the stops on the side roads. Hereke bus will depart from the center at 15.00 and the fans in this region will also have access to the stadium.


Football lovers who will participate in the city derby from Karamürsel were also not forgotten by TransportationPark. Buses will depart from Karamürsel bus station at 14.15 and 14.30 hours and take passengers from Değirmendere - Gölcük - Başiskele and Sanayi Işıklar respectively to reach the stadium.

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