KARDEMİR Started Ribbed Coil Production

kardemir started production of ribbed coils
kardemir started production of ribbed coils

Karabük Iron and Steel Factories (KARDEMİR), "ribbed coil" production has been reported.

The factory said that the Board of Directors of KARDEMİR aims to increase its market share in value-added products with its vision and support for the new product development strategy. The company continued to increase its quality and product portfolio with each passing day.

"Finally rod coil our facilities 52 and 56 millimeters in diameter Turkey's bold producing the coil machinery manufacturing industry, our company offers the use of, in the same plant, which has a flexible structure 'ribbed coil' has offered commercial market by realizing the success of the production. 'Ribbed coil', particularly in the construction industry and production of pile is widely used in various applications, it is manufactured by a few companies in Turkey. The objective of this new product of our company will be to focus on the export markets as well as meeting the domestic market demands. ”


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