Izmir Metro Network is aimed to increase to 465 Mileage

Izmir metro network is aimed to increase the mileage
Izmir metro network is aimed to increase the mileage

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality The road map to be followed until 2030 was determined. İzmir Municipality, which performs the planning with a wide technical team, is quite ambitious in its subway works and seems to be a rival to the Istanbul metro. With an academic team of 10, the municipality seems to be ready to expand the Izmir subway in the most rational ways.

15 is expected to increase the Izmir metro network to 465 kilometers during the year. The completion period is foreseen as 2030 year. Transfer centers to be established in 27 point 6 will be connected to sea transportation with new pier and 11 new line will be established.

What are the benefits of Izmir metro?

İzmir is a city that can receive a lot of immigration as mentioned before and one of the most important investments for the future in order to evaluate the city capacity in future planning is the İzmir Metro line.

Of course we can count dozens of benefits, but we want to give you an idea by counting the main benefits of the Izmir metro.

It reduces the dependence on the vehicle and thus benefits the traffic problem. It promotes non-motorized transportation by supporting bicycles and pedestrian transportation, and also contributes to public health. It provides quality and peaceful journey with high capacity public transportation systems, improves the quality of life, targets public health and safety, supports economic development, supports disadvantaged groups, for disabled people great comfort.

Izmir metro stops future planning

The short, medium and long term planned rail system lines related to İzmir metro stops are as follows;

Izmir metro in the short term

Karşıyaka Çiğli Extension of Tramway; 14 station
Extension of Evka3-F.Altay Metro Line to Bornova-Narlıdere; 8 station
Buca Subway (1.Etap); 11 station
Izban-Ödemiş-Tire extension; 19 station
Izban-Bergama extension, 15 station

İzmir Metro in the medium term

Buca Metro 2. and 3. Stages; 12 station
Old Izmir metro line; 24 station
North Metro line; 21 station
Halkapınar-Kemalpaşa Metro line (1 stage); 10 station

Long term Izmir Metro

Evka3-F.Altay metro line Güzelbahçe extension; 11 station
North Metro line (Menemen extension 2. Stage; 13 station
Halkapınar-Kemalpaşa metro line (2. And 3. Stages); 13 station.
Girne Tram; 10 station


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