Edirne Istanbul Railway and Trains Problems Should Be Eliminated

edirne istanbul railway and trains should be eliminated
edirne istanbul railway and trains should be eliminated

Felicity Party Central District Chairman Saban Kaya, whether in our country, intercity or intercity transportation is increasing day by day, said: “In the developed countries, intercity transportation is usually done by train and airplane, we are still counting on this issue. How many times the good news about the high-speed train was given. At least until the high-speed train to be used in order to make efficient use of the existing train line urgent measures should be taken ”.

Addressing the issue of train running between Edirne and Istanbul, Şaban Kaya said, tren The train running on this line departs from Kapıkule at 07.30 in the morning. 11: Istanbul at 30. Halkalı Station, Evening at 18.00 Halkalıand arrives in Edirne in the waters of 22.00. So, once a day, there is a round trip. There hasn't been any progress on this line for many years. ”

Şaban Kaya listed the expectations of the public as follows: “The number of flights should be increased. Considering the number of standing passengers, the number of wagons should be increased. Speed ​​should be gained in accordance with the conditions of the day. Rail maintenance is often at least equal to 1 hour delays when the train is tied to the transit times of the train. Maintenance should be planned so as not to cause delays. ETUS, which provides transportation in the city, should arrange the flights according to the arrival and departure times of the train. Should be able to buy tickets online and in advance (one day ticket is available in the current application) ”

Şaban Kaya emphasized that the city stop next to the 25 Kasım stadium in Edirne is almost hidden. “There is not even a sign / sign indicating that this is a stop! There is a warning sign just around the stop - dangerous and forbidden to walk around the CDD area. It's like 'don't get in here'! So, where and how will the passengers get on the train? In addition, there is no possibility to sit while waiting at the stop and be protected from weather conditions. The stop is not a safe area at night. There is no security..

“Railway is more economical, faster and safer in all respects, Ş said Şaban Kaya.“ We invested in highways rather than investing in railways. In other words, we buttoned the first button wrong, as in everything else. ”

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