Alkaş Becomes New General Manager of EGO

ego's new general manager was alkas
ego's new general manager was alkas

Mansur Yavaş, Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, appointed Nihat Alkaş as EGO General Manager.

Last May, EGO Deputy General Manager 15 July Veteran, Former Police Chief Fatih Eryılmaz'ı Yavaş assigning, EGO General Directorate of the appointment was the subject of curiosity. Slow, the subject of curiosity, High Metallurgical Engineer Nihat Alkaş'ı appointed. Alkaş's undergraduate degree from METU and his graduate degree from Wayne University in the United States.

First message from Alkaş
Alkaş also published a message on the website of the General Directorate of EGO and said: “As of the date of 17.06.2019, I am appointed by our Metropolitan Mayor to carry out EGO General Directorate.

I am excited to be at the head of a well-established institution such as EGO, which provides transportation services to the valuable people of our capital. We will work with all our staff who have taken public transportation service to the people of Ankara with devotion until today, in order to make the understanding of modern, new technologies, disciplined and quality transportation service dominant in every point of this beautiful city. We have our corporate memory, competent and experienced staff, excitement and my belief that our desire will lead us to our target. I believe that we will ensure that Ankara becomes an exemplary city in transportation services with the aim of providing sustainable transportation services and our transparent management understanding with the awareness of serving the precious people of Ankara.

We are always very happy to accompany Mr. Mansur YAVAŞ, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, who has contributed to our goals with his diligent efforts and experiences, and appreciates us with his appreciation and criticism. I owe my gratitude to the people of Ankara and to all of our stakeholders, and pay my respects. ”

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