Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has taken an oath not to use the Metro

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has sworn not to use the Metro: The signaling barrier has come to the subway, which has been constructed in Ankara since 1997 and opened this year. According to the statement made by the Metropolitan Metro, the metro will be able to work until 23.00 at the latest, due to the signalization maintenance of the lines. An explanation came from TMMOB about the regulation on watches.

The last time of the subway was withdrawn until the end of the year due to the integration of signalization systems in the metro lines, which were built in Ankara for years and opened this year. In the statement made by EGO, it will be stated that the regulation will be made from 12 May and that the enrollment will continue until the end of the year. A statement came from the TMMOB Chamber of City Planners on the subject. In the statement: We ask the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which completed the subway projects that have been under construction for years since 1997 only in 2014 and said that the subways were completed 11 months early: Since the subway projects were completed, where did the 'signalization systems integration studies' come from? The statement said.

The statement of the TMMOB Chamber of City Planners is as follows:

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has taken an oath not to use the Metro

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate 8 May 2014 web site on the announcement; L Signalization systems integration works in Ankara subway lines ros will be done and until the end of the year, Ankara announced that the last flight times of the subway are as follows.

We are asking Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, who completed the metro projects, which have been waiting for Ankara since 1997 for years and completed the 2014 months and completed the 11 months early.

This study conducted by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality confirms his previous statement about the Ankara metro. (See Batıkent Erd Sincan (Törekent) Metro Prime Minister Erdoğan and Minister Elvanın Söylediği gibi GerçektenCompleted a Month?

In this period, when the demands of Ankara residents for the 24 hour transportation service are intense, the metropolitan municipality's response to this demand is to make fun of the demands of the people of Ankara.

Before the new metro lines were opened, the Red Crescent-Batıkent line made its last voyage at 00.20. Thus, after the opening of the Törekent metro, Batıkentliler, who were victimized by the intensity experienced due to lack of necessary arrangements, were once again victimized. The Törekent metro line, which was opened without any program, caused damage to the Batıkent-Kızılay line, which was functioning properly. As a result of such faulty practices, the transportation habits of the people of Batıkent will be adversely affected and therefore the rate of use of the line will decrease.

Another remarkable point in this announcement is the determination of the last flight times of both the Kızılay-Batıkent line and the Batıkent-Törekent line as 23.00. As you know, the Kızılay-Törekent line is a linear single line; However, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has transformed the Batıkent station into a transfer station in order to combat the intensity caused by unscheduled activity. When we look at this arrangement made at the time of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, we see our citizens who want to use the last subway in the 23.00 to Batıkent from Kızılay to Batıkent. However, transportation is a right and cannot be prevented. It is wrong for local governments to behave like commercial enterprises in this regard.

Rail systems are indispensable means of public transportation in today's modern and developed cities. These systems have serious responsibilities to managers in planning, projecting and operation phases. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, under the leadership of (!) Melih Gokcek, who is aware of this responsibility, has been working for many years. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality's daily solutions and applications have already become chaos, adding new problems to Ankara transportation problem. It is natural that the problems in the city, which are tried to be managed without plans, are increasing.

It is a faulty application to deal with the transportation problems experienced in the city with daily solutions. Planning, projecting and operational phases should be carried out as a whole.



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