President Gives His Slow Promises 'Asphalt Participation Share Removed'

the president kept a slower word asphalt participation share removed
the president kept a slower word asphalt participation share removed

📩 14/05/2019 12:15

Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mansur Yavaş performs the promises he gave to the citizens one by one before the local elections.

From the first day of his office in the Metropolitan Municipality effaf Transparent Management Yönetim within the framework of the concept of President Yavaş who implemented important applications, itibaren Asphalt Participation Shares ş has made an important decision on the subject.

The face of the people will be smiled

Approximately 400 million an Green Area and Maintenance and Repair ecilik work carried out by ANFA with the live broadcasting of the work and then the Metropolitan Municipal Assembly Meeting on the social media accounts of the ongoing live through the provision of transparent municipal practices laughs the capital city, full citizens from the note taking.

President Yavaş, who fulfilled his promises before the elections, pushed the button for the Social Balance Compensation to the officers, another issue that he promised. It was unanimously accepted that the social balance compensation would be paid equally to civil servants.


Mayor Yavaş has also instructed for a new regulation on et Asphalt Participation Shares yeni, which is paid to the Metropolitan Municipality and has been the subject of complaints of the citizens most for years.

In order to eliminate the grievances of the citizens, the collection of asphalt participation fees was stopped and the annotations were removed.

Mayor Yavaş who gave the good news that the annotations to be placed on the deeds of those who did not pay the Asphalt Participation Shares taken from the citizens due to the asphalts laid on the roads that are under the responsibility of the Metropolitan Municipality, said, yol So far, the subject of Asphalt Participation Shares was not neglected. The municipality has annotated the title deeds of the residents of Ankara due to this payment item. Now we remove all of the annotations and we will not take any of these money with the decision of the Assembly. Şimdi


In the previous period, asphalt Participation Shares were not sent to the title deed of the citizens who do not pay the shares of the title deed to be sent to the Headquarters, and therefore can not perform many operations related to the deed of the citizens of the President Yavaş, citizens said they would continue to provide services.

In the second phase of Asphalt Participation Shares, Yavuz gave a new gospel for the citizens who made this payment earlier or were found to have been wrongfully collected. Chairman Yavaş said that the presidential letter to be carried to the agenda of the Assembly in the coming period will be set aside for Asphalt participation shares. “We will go to the decree by linking it to a certain timetable with those who previously paid unfairly with the decision of the Assembly. In other words, we will not be a victim of our citizens who have been wronged..

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