Bomb clearance in the Ankara subway

Bomb stampede in Ankara subway: A madman shouting "Jesus will come" in Ankara subway caused "suicide bombing" panic. The person, who was stated to be mentally unstable, was neutralized.
On social media today, claims such as "Suicide bomb in Ankara subway" and then "It was a joke, not a live bomb." Based on unconfirmed information, many social media users claimed that a shopping mall in Kızılay and Güvenpark were the targets of a terrorist act.
In fact, it was neither a terrorist act nor a joke, which caused some shops to shut down even in the heart of the capital.
A person on the Red Crescent subway said, “Jesus will come. Where are the Israelites? ”He began to shout. There was panic when a woman who heard this took her child with her and quickly walked away saying "There is a live bomb". Although it was not crowded, there were people crushing each other.
Reported that the mental balance was not in place, the person was neutralized as soon as possible.

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