Scalpel on the Road to Kandira State Hospital

kandira state hospital road nester
kandira state hospital road nester

The state hospital in the Orhan neighborhood of Kandira district is reached via Kabaagac Street from the main road in the city center. Due to the hard ground of Kabaağaç Street, the patients were taken to Kandira State Hospital by ambulance. Upon the request of Kandira State Hospital, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality made asphalt pavement between 800 meter section between highway and State Hospital. Asphalt work made the road more comfortable.


Metropolitan Municipality continues to work to provide citizens with more comfortable and trouble-free roads needed throughout the city. In this context, the Department of Science Affairs teams, ambulance and vehicles carrying patients more comfortable way to reach the Kandira State Hospital has carried out asphalt work. Within the scope of the study, 800 tons of asphalt was laid on the 800 meter area between Kabaağaç Street and the State Hospital.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues to renovate, repair and maintain the roads in the city centers and villages uninterruptedly. With the renovation and repair works, the comfort of the roads is increased. Thanks to the studies carried out, citizens are provided with a more comfortable travel and satisfaction.

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