MHP Batman Provincial President said Raybüs

mhp said batman provincial president raybus
mhp said batman provincial president raybus

MHP Batman Provincial Chairman Mehmet Açık, on the Batman-Diyarbakır railway Batmansonsöz newspaper, the campaign launched by the signature, gave support.

On the Batman-Diyarbakır railway, we started the signature of transforming the railway tracks into a faster, safer and cheaper transportation line. We will deliver the signatures we received in our newspaper office to the General Directorate of State Railways. While our interest in our campaign increased day by day, MHP Batman Province Management visited our newspaper and supported our campaign. I would like to thank to the kamp Batman People's Campaign for the benefit of the campaign. In the Batman-Diyarbakir railroad, vehicle traffic will be reduced and Batman and Diyarbakir people will find faster, cheaper and safer transportation. I hope your campaign will be positive. Kamp

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