Site Delivery to the Contractor Company in Uzungöl Cable Car Project

Uzungol Cable Car Project
Uzungol Cable Car Project

The ropeway site to be built by Çaykara Municipality in Uzungöl was delivered to the contractor firm

Construction of Uzungol-Karester Hill Cable Car Project in Çaykara Municipality Cable Car Plant and Operation of the Contract During the Contract Period.

Dreams are now becoming a reality in the cable car project for Uzungöl, one of the most important tourism centers of our country and Eastern Black Sea Region, which are located within the borders of Çaykara.

Çaykara Municipality Uzungöl Ropeway Project, which is expected to be completed in the past days, the project is expected to be completed approximately three years after the project in Uzungöl health center will be built between the Karaster Plateau. 2 thousand 560 meters will be the project in the project, Karaster Plateau to be made in the upper station next to the terrace and restaurants will be built. When the planned project is completed, tourists coming to the region will travel Uzungöl and all the natural beauties at the same time from the summit.

When the cable car is completed, a great tourism momentum to Uzungol tourism kazanÇaykara Mayor Hanefi Tok, who gave information about the subject, said that when the cable car project is completed, Uzungöl tourism will accelerate. kazanstressed that he would. Tok “The ropeway project is a project that dates back to the times when Uzungöl was a town and that the people of the region have dreamed of for 30 years. Since we took office, we have made a great effort to make the ropeway project. When the project is completed, visitors will travel over these beautiful forests by watching Uzungöl.”(the çaykaragazete)

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