BTSO and Adana Chamber of Industry Signed Strategic Cooperation Protocol

btso and adana industrial chamber signed strategic cooperation protocol
btso and adana industrial chamber signed strategic cooperation protocol

A strategic cooperation protocol was signed between Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) and Adana Chamber of Industry. TOBB Board Member and Adana Chamber of Industry Chairman Zeki Kivanc, congratulated the commerce and industry Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chamber for the signature of Turkey's best project life, "in Adana at the BCCI's brand projects we want to implement." said.

Adana Chamber of Industry Chairman Zeki Kivanc and board members, BTSO Chairman Ibrahim Burkay visited. Within the scope of the visit, BTSO President Burkay and the President of Adana Chamber of Industry, Kivanc signed a strategic cooperation protocol to strengthen cooperation between the two rooms.


Zeki Kıvanç, President of the Adana Chamber of Industry, and BUTEKOM who lead the transformation-oriented and R & D-oriented transformation of the sectors implemented by BTSO; 77 separate profession in vocational qualification service providers MESYEB, first in Turkey in the field of BCCI Kitchen Academy, conducted last month, opening the Competence Center and Digital Transformation 'Model Factory, BUTGEM and BCCI evm'y was examined. BTSO President Burkay, Chairman Zeki Kivanc and board members gave information about BTSO's projects.

"We will add value to TURKEY COOPERATION"

BCCI President Burkay, Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as the objectives of the development project for the city's economy as well, he said steps strengthen cooperation with trade and industry in Turkey. President Burkay stated that Adana is one of the most important centers of the industry and the unity and cooperation between Adana Chamber of Industry and BTSO will increase even more with the protocol signed. We had the opportunity to introduce our projects BUTEKOM, BUTGEM, EVM, MESYEB, Model Factory and Kitchen Academy. Together with our Chairman Zeki Kıvanç, our common goal is to increase the competitiveness of our members and companies. Adana Chamber of Industry has many valuable projects. This also Turkey's cooperation will add value to our industry. "He said.

“I congratulate BTSO“

TOBB Board Member and Adana Chamber of Industry President Zeki Kıvanç thanked the President of the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, İbrahim Burkay for his hospitality. Bursa is one of the important centers of Turkey Zeki Kivanc save the economy, which has been realized for the BCCI's Bursalı company congratulated the giant project.


BCCI's education from the digital conversion in different areas of Turkey's best projects signatories noted that Zeki Kivanc, said: "Model factory, center of excellence, we set out to apply in Adana projects such as the vocational training center. We have seen important projects that will increase the competitiveness and efficiency of our country in Bursa. BCCI to implement projects in strategic areas where the best examples is located in Bursa in Turkey. We would like to meet with our President, İbrahim Burkay, to increase the exchange of knowledge and experience between the two institutions. By taking the projects of BTSO, we aim to make use of these services in our Adana business world. I would like to congratulate BTSO Chairman Ibrahim Burkay and his team for their valuable projects. Inden

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