We Carry for Women Project Introduced to Exporters in Bursa

We carry for women project was introduced to the exporters in the scholarship
We carry for women project was introduced to the exporters in the scholarship

DFDS Mediterranean Business Unit started the meetings that will bring women exporters in Anatolia together in 2021 with the "We Carry For Women" project, which was implemented in cooperation with KAGIDER. The first leg of the digital panels series was realized for exporters in Bursa, the capital of textile.

The digital panels series that will bring together the business world and women exporters in Anatolia with the support of Dünya Newspaper in 2021, the "We Carry for Women" project, which was implemented in cooperation with the DFDS Mediterranean Business Unit and KAGIDER, was launched. The project was introduced to the exporters in Bursa in the first leg of the meetings held on the zoom platform.

KAGIDER Executive Board Chairman Emine Erdem, DFDS Mediterranean Business Unit President Lars Hoffmann, TIM Women's Council Nilgün Özdemir, Uludağ Textile Exporters Association President Pınar Taşdelen Engin, Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman İbrahim Burkay and Hakan Güldağ, the chairman and writer of the Board of Directors of Dünya Newspaper, participated as a panelist.

41% female employment target

Women entrepreneurs are the product of free Europe and North Africa to bring the woman to the meeting passed the details of the Brings We project for women's economic participation in Turkey, the proportion of women exporters of Turkey and the world for the year 2023 10% of 41 women's employment and to take part in major economies goal was spoken. Within the scope of this target, the vital importance of increasing the rate of female employment, which fell to 26% and the support that should be given to women, for the development of our economy was emphasized. At the panel, DFDS Akdeniz Business Unit Corporate Communications Manager Özlem Wave was the moderator.

The importance of women in the economy

Lars Hoffmann, Head of DFDS Mediterranean Business Unit, said: “With the“ We Carry For Women ”project, which we initiated within the framework of our cooperation with KAGIDER, which is the strongest association in its field, we put this power into the service of entrepreneurial women, and to eliminate the obstacles they face from time to time We aim to 'lead' to great success. Submission of equal opportunities for women in business, will also enable Turkey to look to the future more secure. "

Emine Erdem, Chairman of the Board of Directors of KAGIDER, gave the following information in her assessment at the meeting: “All the dynamics on which economic data are based point to the importance and necessity of women's existence in the economy. As a country, we have a target to be among the 2023 largest economies in the world by 10. If you ask what constitutes the cornerstone, we can say that women's employment, women entrepreneurs and women's participation in the economy.

All women need is courage

Nilgün Özdemir from TİM Women's Council emphasized on the encouragement of women and said: “It is necessary to encourage our women who prefer to stay behind with codes coming from the past of our society and do not want to stand out.”

Referring to the uneasiness of women entrepreneurs, İbrahim Burkay, Chairman of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, made the following suggestions: “Especially investment brings borrowing and accordingly, women do not feel comfortable in accessing financial instruments. The credit guarantee fund can be activated at this point. I find the support of the credit guarantee fund useful in solving the collateral structure. "

Pınar Taşdelen Engin, President of Uludağ Textile Exporters Association, mentioned the start-up projects they initiated in her speech: “This is the first time we have given a woman entrepreneur award in the start-up competition for entrepreneurs. We received 174 project applications for the competition we held in digital environment. 64 of the applications came from women entrepreneurs.

The award-winning woman entrepreneur of Uludağ Textile Exporters Association will also receive support from the "We Carry For Women" project.

Within the scope of the “We Carry for Women” project, initiated by DFDS Mediterranean Business Unit and KAGIDER, which will provide free transportation support for 50 women entrepreneurs' export products for 1 year, the export products of 9 women entrepreneurs from our country have been transferred to Europe and North Africa. “We Carry for Women” corporate social responsibility project aims to contribute to women's exports.

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