The First Day of Marmaray Defected


Erdoğan's opening of Marmaray to GebzeHalkalı on the first day of the line. The news was that the passengers were panicking due to technical malfunction.

Marmaray, which has been on the test drive for a long time, has experienced a breakdown on its first day of service.

Gebze-Halkalı It was announced that system and train tests will be carried out in order to commission the completed parts of the Marmaray line, and their activities were paused as of 19 January Saturday. Delayed delays in the Marmaray line, which started to be commissioned again today after the opening of the AKP's President Erdoğan, caused the technical malfunctions. According to the news reported by Newspaper Wall, passengers created long queues due to delays of about 45 minutes.


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