Village Roads Renewed in Kandira

kandirada bay roads renewed
kandirada bay roads renewed

The Metropolitan Municipality continues its road construction works in villages as it is in many parts of Kocaeli. In this context, road maintenance, repair and construction works were completed on some roads in Duraklı, Pınardüzü, Hüdaverdiler and Duraçalı villages of Kandıra district. Thanks to the asphalting works, the transportation of the citizens living in the villages of the region is made easier.

In the works that gained the satisfaction of the citizens, 4 km long 7 meter wide road construction was made between Duraklı and Pınardüzü. 6 thousand tons of asphalt, 11 thousand tons of PMT material and 20 thousand tons of cubic meter stability materials were used in the construction works. In addition, due to the landslide in the Melen Water Line between Duraklı and Pınardüzü, the road construction work was carried out by using 500 thousand cubic meters of filling material in the 5 meter section. In the village of Hüdaverdiler, 3 meter wide road was built in the 7 km-meter section. In the construction work, 4 bin 500 ton asphalt, 8 bin 300 ton PMT material and 12 thousand cubic meter stabilized filling material were used. 300 ton asphalt and 450 ton PMT material was laid on the 800 meter road in Duraçalı village.

Due to infrastructure, snowfall and other natural events, there are some deformations on the roads. Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli continues to work in all districts throughout the province, such as asphalting, parquet and border continues to work in the village as well as the district centers. Metropolitan Municipality is also renewing the roads due to infrastructure and other reasons and gaining the satisfaction of citizens.

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