Demolition of Akçaray Tram Line Buildings in Progress

The Destruction of the Buildings on the Akçaray Tram Line: The demolition of the 5 units, which is being expropriated on the Akçaray tram line route, continues.

The demolition of Türk Telekom's old service building, 2 business inns, Körfez Hotel and two-story house, which is on the Akçaray tram project route, continues on Monday, April 4. As part of the works, the Central Bank side road will remain closed to traffic.

257 islands, 13, 15, 16, 17 and 18 immovables and 5 buildings on the Izmit Kemalpaşa neighborhood were expropriated by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of the tram project. The Metropolitan Municipality teams, which started working for demolition, closed the Central Bank side road (lights) to traffic. After taking necessary precautions in traffic and in the environment, the demolition works that have been continuing since the beginning of the week continue without interruption.

Citizens in the environment security measures around the Central Bank next to the destruction of the work of the citizens are watching with curious eyes every day. Teams starting to demolish the columns and walls of the buildings starting from the upper floor with the eco-machine machine keep water throughout the demolition so as not to create dust in the environment.


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