Remarkable Life Saved

A vatman using the tram that runs around the city in Kocaeli prevented a possible accident. Akçaray, which was operated by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality TransportationPark A.Ş., was making daily flights and an old woman had an accident at the bus stop. Izmit Mehmet Ali Pasha waiting at the tram stop, the old woman suddenly stepped on the tramway while leaving the risk of being crushed.

In the incident reflected in the security cameras of the tram, the attention of the vatman using the tram saved the woman. When he approached the station, the old woman who descended to the tramway prevented her from being crushed by a few centimeters. The old woman who did not see the tram from behind noticed the tram at the last minute and sat down.

Vatman stopping the incident without accident, the old woman at the stop waiting for citizens and security officials helped the elderly woman. Vatman Mustafa Coşkun said, üm I saw the woman moving forward. But I didn't think you were going down. When I stepped on the road at the last minute, I stopped the tram with a quick reflex. ”

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