'Wonderland Eurasia' Opens the Tourist Factory of the Capital

capital city
capital city

Entertainment Age begins in the capital is Wonderland Eurasia will be opened tomorrow, which will make a great contribution to the national economy and Ankara tourism.

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will make the opening on Wednesday, March 20 and Europe's largest theme park, the world is regarded as one of the attractions.


Turkey's all waiting impatiently awaited theme park, mainly Ankaralılar year 5 million domestic and foreign tourists.

ANKAPARK, which was built by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and leased to the 29 yearbook, is preparing to announce its name to the world as Wonderland Eurasia with its name change.


Theme Park, which is designed as a synthesis of Asia and Europe and has many different concepts from the Stone Age to its present day with its thematic areas, will host the visitors to its nostalgia journey as the most environmentalist park with its botanical diversity consisting of more than one million plants and vehicles.

Wonderland Eurasia has an 2 bin 117 entertainment unit, where all the details are considered for families to have fun with their children.


Wonderland Eurasia consists of 1 thematic parts with its indoor and outdoor areas.

In Tema Park, which will be provided with free services from many points of Ankara, visitors will also travel to the dream world thanks to the Flying Theater and Flying Island.

With the 35 Roller Coaster, which has the highest number of auger and 14 meter height, attracted the attention of the world, Tema Park designed both entrance turnstile and excursion areas for disabled citizens.


Themes visiting on a canal in the park, 7 cultural elements of Turkey's geographical area which will find the opportunity to learn another surprise visitor waiting area is Dinosaur Forest.

20 will meet the world's largest dinosaur with 70 meters in Wonderland Eurasia, offering a visual feast with a thousand square-meter Dinosaur Forest.

An application will be made to the Guiness Book of Records in 2019 for the world's biggest dinosaur in Tema Park.


In Park, where children have their playgrounds to develop their personal knowledge and skills as well as their thematic areas to develop their imagination, children will also be taught the rules of traffic.

Thanks to activities that will enable them to learn while having fun, children will receive free traffic training on the Traffic Track.

35 kilometers to Ankara Esenboğa Airport, 8 to AŞTİ Bus Station and Xenom XIX 7 car park with open and closed 6 car park in Wonderland Eurasia.

With the installed power of 10 Megawat, Tema Park, the world's largest car park type solar power plant, will produce its own electricity.


● 100.000 Giant Pond

● 110.000 indoor entertainment area

● 20.000 Children's Playground

● 15.000 Square Meter Adult Playground

● 20.000 Dinosaur Forest

● 10.000 digital square meter digital playground

● LaserBet playground with square meters

● 3.000 Autorobot Building

● 3.000 Horror Tunnel

● 4.000 7D Cinema Area

● 5.000 meter Land Train Line (320 personality)

● 2.000 Monorail Transportation Line

● Water show with 209 meter length and 120 meter height

In the theme park where there are open and closed concert areas, 23 April-5 will be performed by world famous artists from May. Wonderland Eurasia, which will host the show programs, giant corteges, carnivals, animation and theater shows, will welcome its visitors with colorful surprises throughout the year.

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