Transportation Projects That Will Fly Adana

transportation projects
transportation projects

Hüseyin Sözlü, the Mayor of Adana and the candidate of the Cumhur Alliance, brought together the projects that will build the next hundred years of Adana with the theme of yüz Vizyon 2023 ey at a grand presentation meeting. President Sözlü, who came to the podium to present the vision projects that will mark the next five years of Adana, presented the projects they have implemented to 2014 from 2019, and showed a change and development in Adana with a visual presentation.

Hüseyin Sözlü, Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor and President of the Alliance, will carry Adana to the future.

In order to develop and discipline our oral, urban transportation network, we have taken over the remaining 400 km of the D-26 highway from the Highways.

We looked at our city on a master plan scale to make it healthy and accessible from north to south and east to west.

5 New Highway Connection
We have identified all the links on the highway passing through the city center, and rehabilitated and determined the points that should be opened according to the movement of urbanization. We prepared and implemented our 5 new highway connection project in coordination with highways. We have started our construction for Shambayadi and Turkmenbashi connections.
Thanks to our motorway connections, access to planned new industrial areas, new residential districts, district connection roads will be strengthened and city traffic will become more modern.

D-400 Boulevard and above actions
In parallel with the high-speed train project, we have ensured that the boulevard is located in a different level of transition in areas where the railway is approaching each other with D-400. Small Dikili, Otogar, Barkal, Şakirpaşa junctions will now be passed without traffic lights.

In the east of the city, we planned different levels of transitions at D-400, Ege Bağatur Boulevard, Mobilyacılar Sitesi, İncirlik and Ring Road intersections. From east to west, seamless D-400 flow is now very close.

We have taken the first steps of a modern rail system that will bring the city center to the organized industrial zone and planned new industrial areas by rail. Thanks to the railway line designed to be stationed with 5 station, 100 will provide transportation to approximately one thousand people every day.

2 to the Metro. and 3. Laps
In order to use the existing metro line more efficiently and to serve the new public investments and residential areas, we completed the 2 phase feasibility and plan and project works. The new stadium, city hospital, Alparslan Türkeş Science and Technology University, Çukurova University and Sarıçam new housing district will be accessible from all parts of the city in a short time.

We will start to work on the 2 stage which will be integrated with the 3 stage on the Turgut Ozal Boulevard which is one of the canals of North Adana and will provide connection via the Devlet Bahceli Bridge. Karatas rail system line to our zoning plans have been processed.

Bridge Projects
The level of construction at the State Garden Bridge, rising as the reputation monument of Adana, reached 70 level. The connection roads will reach the length of the 2 thousand 450 meters Bahçeli Bridge Bridge, Seyhan, Yuregir and Saricam districts will greatly ease transportation. Access to the Adana City Hospital, the new stadium, courthouses and the campuses of the universities will be free of charge.

We are continuing the construction of the 35 meter-wide bridge, which will provide access to Orhan Kemal Boulevard from Sular.

Our other bridge over Seyhan will connect Koza Boulevard in Yüreğir to Seyhan.

The bridge over the Ceyhan river will be built next to the historical Misis Bridge.

25 52.5 10 meter to the width of the XNUMX-meter XNUMX lined up to serve as a project that we put into practice came to the stage.

Urban touches
1- Alparslan Turkes Boulevard
We opened İkizler Bridge as the first step in order to make the north-south axis uninterrupted on the boulevard. We have saved the bleeding wound of the years from floods by modernizing the intersection of the governor's intersection and the train bridge.

However, there is another point to make the project holistic. We finished our application project at Kıyıboyu-Tellidere junction and made it ready for tender. When the project is implemented, access from Kurttepe junction to the Governorate will be possible without traffic light.

We connect Barış Manço Boulevard to Retirement Homes. This boulevard, which ended on the Alparslan Türkeş Boulevard, now passes the metro line through a tunnel to the nursing homes and 80. It will reach Year Boulevard.

Similarly, we will connect Ahmet Sapmaz Boulevard to Pınar Neighborhood under the metro line and to Aliya İzzetbegoviç Boulevard to create alternative routes in the east-west line.

2-Yavuzlar Bridge Different Level Intersections
After the completion of the Yavuzlar Bridge, we will relieve the traffic with different level transitions, by taking the TEDAŞ intersection, the junction of the ASKİ construction site, the junction of the Provincial Health Directorate and the Aqualand junction together.

3- Türkkuşu - Fuzuli Street Underpass
In order to avoid the shortage of parking spaces on the main streets of Reşatbey neighborhood, we will reach the parking lot at the bottom of the Türkkuşu Street, Fuzuli Street with a tunnel that will provide access to the parking lot in the dormitory Central Park basement, where the 10 of its capacity is not even used. We started the construction of the project by making the tender.

Our new boulevards
1-North-South alternatives
We have made studies to alleviate the burden on the intensely used Teachers Avenue. We planned a boulevard to the west of this boulevard, which crossed the D-400 starting from the Kabasakal cemetery and went down to the Vegetables and South Ring Road. To the east, we opened the boulevard, which was connected to D-400 from Alija Izetbegovic. We have opened the boulevard in order to continue the existing Turkmenbashi Boulevard and bring it to the airport junction through the Denizli neighborhood.

2- East-West Alternatives
We started both expropriation and construction works for the boulevard, which proceeded parallel to the railway line in the west direction starting from the Denizli underpass. Similarly, we take a road project from Yenice to the Yenice in a way that will continue in both directions of the canal in the direction of the west from the Teachers' Boulevard-Kıyboyu intersection. We opened the parallel boulevard that will be an alternative to Aliya Izzetbegovic Boulevard.

3- Yüreğir - Sarıçam Town:
We will strengthen the access to new public investments and new settlements in Sarıçam and start the construction of the Science Road Boulevard parallel to Mithat Özsan Bulvar. With a bridge over the top of the highway body will connect to the Yasemin Street Science Road D-400'dan will provide uninterrupted transportation to the new stadium. In addition, the Université Boulevard, which runs parallel to the highway body, will be connected to Çatalan Street and Alparslan Türkeş will reach BTÜ. South Campus Boulevard will strengthen the access of new faculties within the campus of Çukurova University. From the junction of the new stadium to the north, the connection with the northern villages will be strengthened by the Deliçay road.

4- Lake District Boulevard
In order to relieve the use of the Adnan Menderes Beach Road, which was completed by our municipality, and to remove the traffic load, we started to work on an alternative road to Adnan Menderes Boulevard and Turgut Özal Boulevard. We will open the 23 meter cross section road which will meet with Aşıklar Boulevard on the north from the Directorate of Highways.

5 - Kozan Road-Buruk Neighborhood Connection
We started the construction of the high boulevard connecting the Buruk Neighborhood to Kozan Road.

6- New Boulevard in South Seyhan and South Yuregir
Located on the south side of the city and parallel to the South Ring Road, which is being constructed by the General Directorate of Highways, the 50 meter wide Koza Boulevard with 35 meter wide and Koza Bridge on the 400 meter wide ring carries the form of a hanger from the west of the city to D-XNUMX. provide transportation.

Ziyapaşa Boulevard will continue straight ahead in the south direction and pass through Melekgirmez and connect to Saydam Street. Similarly, a boulevard on the 35 meter to the south will be connected to Saydam Street in front of Çetinkaya.

Seyhan River on the west side of Seyhan Street will be strongly continued until the Southern Belt Ring Road.

On the Yüreğir side, the connection coming from the Science Road will be an alternative to Karataş Road to the south by connecting D-400 to the South Ring Road.

On the other hand, the 35 meter-wide road, which goes south through Orhan Kemal Boulevard from Yavuzlar Bridge and passes through the east of the Asri Cemetery, will be connected to the South Belt Boulevard.

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