Akçaray Expands Its Fleet! 18. Tram on Rails Tram

akcaray fleet is getting on the tram rails
Akçaray Expands Its Fleet! 18. Tram on Rails ...

One of the affiliates of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality TransportationPark A.Ş. , the number of passengers on the tram, increasing the number of passengers, and the tramway 2'nın extension of the tramway due to the extension of the order has received the 18 's. In order to increase the service quality and passenger satisfaction, the TransportationPark, which will serve to the people of Kocaeli by 18 tram, also met the demands of the citizens.

AKÇARAY FİLOS continues to increase

Akçaray, since the day it was opened, was met with great interest by the citizens. Increasing the number of passengers in the Akçaray Tram line, where comfort and safety are at the forefront, and 2. 18 of the trams taken into service with the opening of the stage was brought down to the rails. TransportationPark, which aims to provide transportation by keeping citizens at least at the station, will also increase the quality of service by the last tram.


Trains that run 5: 05 - 50: 24 between the hours of 00 and 304; 256 on weekdays, 238 on Saturday and finally XNUMX on Sunday.


Akçaray tram line continues to serve at 11 station with the addition of 3 station to the existing 14 station. TransportationPark, with the new line of the 3 which opens to the beach road area, collects the appreciation of the students going to the schools and the citizens who go to Kocaeli State Hospital in a safe, fast and comfortable way.

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