Steel Bridge Connecting 11 Nisan Complex to City Park is Completed

April to the city park connects the use of steel
April to the city park connects the use of steel

Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality, which is being built by the 11 April Complex and 11 April City Park to connect the steel bridge was connected.

Construction work of the April 11 Complex, which was built in accordance with the Ottoman and Seljuk architecture, came to an end. The steel bridge that connects the 11 April Complex, where the Islamic Science and Sciences Research Center will also be located, to the 11 April City Park, the construction of which was completed, was mounted.

In the complex consisting of 6 thousand 360 square meters suitable for Ottoman Seljuk architecture, there is a prayer hall, a mahfil floor, a courtyard, a multi-purpose seminar hall, Koran courses, condolences, a religious publishing house and library, religious offices, classrooms and training rooms.

Thanks to the bridge built, access to the lower floors of the complex will be provided, the installation of the escalator system is continuing. In addition, the entire Sanliurfa stone in the areas within the complex of Ottoman and Seljuk art and embroidery designs are made in accordance with the art.

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