What happened to that ropeway project in Şanlıurfa

What happened to that ropeway project in Sanliurfa: Sanliurfa Metropolitan Mayor Nihat Ciftci's Karaköprü Mayor has not yet taken a step for the project of the cable car project.

Karaköprü Municipality, which is trying to develop different projects with the idea of ​​creating a socially livable district, plans to add a different atmosphere to the city with the project to be realized. The project, which was projected about 2 years ago, has not been taken yet.

The cable car which will be built between Akbayır Mahallesi and Esentepe will allow the citizens to see Karaköprü and the unique Harran Plain.

Citizens are wondering when to take steps for the unique project.

Karaköprü Municipality gave the following statements about the project:


PROJECT DETAILS: 2 Unit Station building, 10 '20 cabin in the project will consist of; The total return trip distance is 4 km.dir. The journey time is calculated as 5 minutes in one direction.

The idea of ​​creating a social and livable district as much as possible shows us in front of our esteemed citizens with different projects. Another one of them is the Ropeway Project. Akbayır From our neighborhood to Esentepe Mahallemize, 500 bed State Hospital, Dental Hospital, the City Center and Shopping Center, the shortest way to go, while the Akpınar stream, T1-T2 Irrigation canals, the Urban Forest Biological Pond and the Harran Plain of the magnificent landscape of this project are you to be satisfied. Because we care about our valued citizens in every way.

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