Minister Turhan: "Our Country is One of the World's Largest Global Transit Centers"

Turhan is one of the largest global transit centers in the world
Turhan is one of the largest global transit centers in the world

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, a strategic area as they approached the airways and Turkey, reported that it has become one of the world's largest global transit centers.

Minister Turhan, Vice President Antalya Airport Low Level Wind Break Warning System, which was realized with the attendance of Fuat Oktay, said in his speech at the opening ceremony that the importance of air transportation has been increasing day by day and the amount of passenger and cargo transportation is constantly growing.

Pointing out that the growth is due to the rapid, comfortable and safe air transportation, Turhan said, “Last year, 4 billion 300 million people traveled with an airplane flight that reached 38 million. Again, 35 percent of global trade and 90 percent of e-commerce were provided by air. ” said.

Aviation activities in the world today is not only global, national and regional development, development is one of the biggest elements emphasizing Turhan, Turkey found that in a very advantageous position in terms of aviation activities drew attention.

Turkey is the key country in the middle of three continents, representing Turhan, he said:

“We are on flight routes between developed markets and emerging markets. As in many ways, we have a remarkable geographical advantage in terms of airline. Considering all these, we have approached airline transportation as a strategic area from the very beginning. We continue to approach. As a result of this approach, our country has become one of the largest global transit centers in the world. While we increased the number of our passengers to 210 million, we increased our capacity to 450 million. The number of people employed in the sector reached 205 thousand. The sector's turnover increased by 11 times and reached 110 billion liras. In order to show the point that our country has reached in airline transportation, it will be sufficient to bring Istanbul Airport to your eyes. Today, THY is the most preferred brand in the world with its 52 thousand employees and is in second place in the world. ”

Emphasizing that Istanbul Airport, the monument of victory of the nation, has become the heart of the world civil aviation system today, Turhan emphasized that the more it can boast with this picture, the less.

Pointing out that the climate is changing day by day and natural events cause loss of life and property more than ever, Turhan said, “Unfortunately, we have experienced such sad events in different parts of our country for the last few weeks, especially in Antalya. Thanks to this system, flight safety at Antalya Airport will be increased against nature-based hazards. The system is very important in terms of reporting meteorological events that endanger flight safety by working in both rainy and open weather conditions. ” used expressions.



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