Meaningful Signature Between Bursa Metropolitan and Turkish Airlines

While the activities of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality were facilitating the lives of citizens, an important protocol was realized within the scope of socially focused services. The protocol that will transfer the funerals of those who died in Bursa to their hometown by plane is signed by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş and Turkish Airlines (THY) Cargo Marketing Vice President Murat Yalçın Kırca in Istanbul. President Aktas, with the agreement made with Turkish Airlines in the hometown to live in Bursa and the funeral of those who want to be transported by plane announced.

Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktas and Turkish Airlines (THY) Cargo Marketing Vice President Murat Yalçın Kırca met in Istanbul. The protocol, which provides convenience for the relatives of the funeral, was held at the headquarters of THY Kargo in Istanbul Yeşilköy. Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş and THY Cargo Marketing Vice President Murat Yalçın Kırca signed the protocol which includes maximum 4 person's funeral with 25 discount. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, from birth to death, serving in a wide frame that the President Aktas, as a municipality, trying to produce different solutions to the problems of citizens, he said.

Fast transport to separate city of 43

Bursa, Turkey's 80 President stating that the nature of a flower garden of residence of citizens of the province Aktas, some people's funeral at the place of birth, he said he wanted to bury him. President Aktas said that they have served with road transport so far, and that they have seriously used vehicles, fuel and personnel, and that they have experienced serious problems in long distances. Noting that they signed a very beneficial protocol for sending the funerals by THY Cargo to their homeland and eliminating the problems experienced, President Aktaş said, esi May Allah let everyone have a healthy life but death is a fact of life. In this difficult time of our people, we have signed a protocol with the transport of 43 to the separate city in a healthy way. Within the scope of the protocol, our funeral will be brought to our nearest locations by our municipality in Yenişehir, Sabiha Gökçen and Atatürk airports. They will be sent to their hometowns from airports Hava.

Under the protocol, the funeral owner 4 will travel with a discount of 25 percent emphasizing the President Aktaş, ed Life at the time of death as well as to provide the highest quality, healthy service in the framework of a good protocol we have taken a formal framework. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we stand by our people. Büyük

Social responsibility project

THY Cargo Marketing Vice President Murat Yalçın Kırca said that they signed the protocol on the way to transport the funerals to their countries as soon as possible. Noting that this is also a social responsibility project, Kırca said, bir Be good. May God give our citizens a healthy life. We will provide a more useful service to our citizens within the framework of the protocol. Protok

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