Akçaray Vehicle Number Increases

akcaray number of vehicles is increasing
akcaray number of vehicles is increasing

1 From August 2017, Akçaray is in the service of Kocaeli people with 12 tram and continues to increase the number of vehicles. Akçaray used to be used and liked by the people of Kocaeli in a short time and ordered 6 to increase the service quality to the people of Kocaeli. The first of the trolleys 27 came in December and 29 came in December and the number of 3s was lowered to tracks on the last day and the total number of vehicles increased to 15.

The Sekapark-Beachway line, the first phase of which consists of 3 stations, will be available to citizens in the coming days. With the opening of new stations, the number of stations from 11 will increase to 14. In total, round-trip will be added to the existing tram line of 15 kilometers, and another 5 kilometers will be extended to 20 kilometers. At least 51 percent of the tram vehicles purchased in accordance with the circular of the relevant ministry will consist of vehicles produced with domestic production, thereby supporting domestic and national production.



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