2nd Hand Vehicle Purchase and Sales Professional Competence Exam on 20-22 February

2 20 22 hand tool sales professional qualification exam
2 20 22 hand tool sales professional qualification exam

The date of the Motorized Land Transport Exchange Professional Qualification exams organized by Fethiye Chamber of Commerce was announced. The examinations which are closely related to the employees of the company which is involved in the second hand motor vehicle trade and the employees who are closely related to the employees, will be held between 20-22 February 2019. 12 February 2019 will be available to FTSO until Tuesday.

13 February 2018 date and published in the Official Gazette 30331 'Second Hand Motorized Land Vehicles with the Regulation on the' second auto traders and craftsmen who traded with the second auto traders and craftsmen to continue their activities until 13 August 2019 'Provincial Directorates of Commerce' Authorization Certificate 'compulsory.


In this context, Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkey Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Vocational Qualifications and Certification Services, a subsidiary of Union Corporation (MEYBE Inc.) year 2018 in collaboration with September and organized by Motor Vehicles twice in November Exchange total on Professional Competence Examination 133 made contact person. A total of 95 people who are successful in theoretic and exams are entitled to receive certificates.


The Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen must be registered in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry or the Chamber of Commerce and Industry where they are registered separately, and become a taxpayer of income or corporation tax. authorized branches of the authorized representatives of the branches of the branch manager;

a) Has turned eighteen

b) At least a high school graduate

c) to have regained its credibility even if it has not been bankrupt or bankrupt

d) has not declared concordat

e) Even if they have suffered due to a deliberate crime, the state is safeguarded against the constitutional order and the operation of this order, the national defense and the state secrets against spying and misappropriation allegiance. laundering the financing of terrorism is not condemned for smuggling, tax evasion or acquiring unfair goods, or forbidden to perform commercial and art enforcement.

Real person merchants and craftsmen and tradesmen must have a professional qualification certificate based on national competence of the Head of Motorized Land Vehicles (Level 5) of at least one of the branches of trade companies and other legal entity authorized persons.


The companies that carry out the second hand motor vehicle trading activities must fulfill the following conditions in order to obtain the authorization certificate. The establishment of the business in the areas determined in the framework of zoning legislation in places that do not bring any burden on the environment and traffic, and in which there are no independent sections used for residence purposes. Open and closed area is the size of the area covered by at least four vehicles; the size of the area covered by a vehicle is at least five square meters for the car and at least fifty square meters for other vehicles. The net height of the display area is at least three meters. Having open space for the display of second hand motor vehicles with CNG or LPG. The entrance and exit doors arranged in accordance with the entry and exit of the vehicles, the exit door to be in a situation to allow easy evacuation in dangerous situations.


Application Form, Photocopy of Identity Card, Two passport size photographs. Payment receipt (4TL for a Motor Vehicles Trading Consultant (Level 550); 5TL for a Motor Vehicles Trading Officer (Level 600)) Payments TOBB MEYBEM A.Ş İşbank Akay Branch - IBAN: TR57 0006 4000 0014 2011 1580 36 It will be deposited into account no. It is important to write the name-surname / TR identity number / national qualification information / district information entered during the payment.) Candidates who are successful in the exam will pay 150 TL document fee to the Vocational Qualification Authority in order to receive a "Vocational Qualification Certificate" is required. Motor Vehicle Trade Trading Professional Proficiency Exam applications will be accepted at the Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry until the end of working hours on February 12, 2019.

EK1: Engine Land Vehicles Exchange Advisor Level 4- Electronics Application Form

EK2: Motor Land Vehicles Trading Manager Level 5-Elektronik Application Form

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