Technical characteristics of Kocaeli Tram Line

Technical features of Kocaeli Tram line: Construction of the tram line started in Kocaeli Izmit. The tender contract for the construction of the tram line was signed by ENT President İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu and Gülermak Deputy Chairman Necdet Demir in the Metropolitan Municipality VIP hall. Thus, residents of Izmit will be able to get on the tram 550 days later.

The tender contract for the construction of the tram line between BB and Gülermak was signed in the VIP Hall of the Metropolitan Municipality. Chairman of the Board of Directors İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu and Gülermak Vice Chairman Necdet Demir signed the contract.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and Gülermak Heavy Industry and Contracting Inc. The contract was signed between Otogar-Sekapark Tramway construction tender. The cost will be 113 days if the construction time of the work will be 990 million 550 thousand pounds. The presentation of the project about the tram was made by KBB Secretary General Tahir Büyükakın. We are here for a project I've been excited about since 93. As a child of Kocaeli, we are signing a historical signature. It really excites me. We continued our work for the formation of the tram line, m he said.

Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, chairman of the ENT, said, KB We are a city that is very migrating. In addition to construction, we are an industrial city. Come fast, we're a provincial province. There is a big problem. Our city has become better than 12 years ago. We make the change together. Transportation is the most important problem of migrating and growing cities. It is a problem in many European cities. He took important measures. It was an important alternative thanks to the rail system. Ray


President Karaosmanoğlu said, “There is a problem of transportation in a city of Europe. As the number of vehicles increases, transportation becomes a problem. There are service vehicles. Intersections, roads are not enough. Kocaeli has a big problem. We have problems in logistics. Scientists are working in this direction that will solve this problem prospectively. Problems are not immediately overcome. We will work in this direction. Bu


"We are late in the rail system," said Karaosmanoglu. Place delivery is done. 2017 will be like March-April. This is not enough places to be extended. The trolley won't really solve our problem. The number of population is increasing. Here, migration from many parts of Anatolia comes. Our second step will be the metro. Infrastructure works are in progress. These steps are being taken. This tram is a light transportation means. It is like the Metrobus in Istanbul rob.


For the route of the tram project financed by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality with its own means, the most appropriate route was determined by addressing issues such as passenger demand, integration with other transportation systems and construction cost. After about 9 months of work in Izmit center, the tramway is two-way between the Bus Station and Sekapark, about 7 kilometers, consisting of 11 stations and Sekapark-Gar-Fevziye Mosque-Yeni Cuma- Fair - Yeni Governorship - East Barracks - N. Kemal High School - İzmit District Governorship- It was decided to take the route Yahya Kaptan - Bus Station.


Currently 16 passenger will be transported in the first year on the designated route. The construction of the tram line, which will depart from the bus station, will proceed along the Hanlı Street and proceed along Yahya Kaptan in Salkım Söğüt Street-Sarı Mimoza Avenue-Necip Fazıl Street. It is located along the central part of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard. Kemal High School-M. Ali Pasha Mosque will be passed to the line. Parallel to the tram line D-100, which will land from the west of East Kışla Park to the D-100 Highway, Şehit Rafet will go behind the Governor's complex in the northern part of Karacan Boulevard. The line, which stretches from Hafiz Major Street to D-100, will continue in parallel with D-100 from across the Fair. The tram line that will pass from Şahabettin Bilgisu Street to Yeni Friday Mosque will come to the Central Bank under the Fevziye Mosque and will cross the İzmit Railway Station from the north of İstasyon Street and reach the Sekapark area.


The turquoise blue tram, called Akçaray, will turn the city's 30 yearly dream into reality with the votes of the people of Kocaeli on the internet. According to the contract signed in the giant service where the 8 building is also expropriated; The cost of the work will be 113 days if the construction time of 990 million 550 thousand pounds. View Serkan's Full Profile


In project scope;

In Main Line Route and Parking Area;

  • 11 station will be located at approximately 10 km length tram line will be created,
  • 340.000 m3 excavation and 213.000 m3 filling with material of various qualities for infrastructure, building foundations and road manufacturing
  • In total, approximately 12,5 km long road construction, 15.921,60 ton Binder, 10.768,00 ton Wear, 33.500,00 m3 Granular base, 48.520,00 ton, Plentmiks basic range,
  • 57.000 m3 Ready mix concrete work and installation of 3.200 tons ribbed steel reinforcement,
  • Production of 24.000 m2 andesite coating, 24.000 m2 fire brick, 13.000 m2 masonry, 12.600 m2 concrete paving, 11.700 m2 concrete and 31.000 mt curbstone to be used in sidewalks and landscaping,
  • Laying of 21.600 meters in variable diameters and qualities to be used in displacement of existing lines of sewage and rain water and making new mistakes,

  • Laying of 15.200 meters in variable diameters and qualities to be used for displacement and new lines of existing lines of drinking water,

  • Dismantling, installation and production of new lines of existing lines of SEDAŞ, Telekom and other institutions,

  • 6.200 meter pipe laying in variable diameters and quality to be used for displacement of existing lines of natural gas lines and making new lines, 25 pieces (Hot-Top, Stopple) work,

  • Manufacture of 28.800 meter length (including all axles) and 1.977 tons of corrugated rail (RI59N) along the tram line,

  • Mounting of 157.200 pieces of rail fasteners,

  • 24 manufacture of scissors with different characteristics,

  • Horizontal and Vertical Traffic Signs,

  • Installation and commissioning of 6 pieces of 12 kVA CER transformer in 1500 transformer substation in order to feed the tram line (kataner system)

  • Installation and commissioning of 5 250 kVA and 2 1000 kVA internal power transformer for XNUMX in order to meet the energy requirements for station structures, storage area, road lighting and traffic signaling,

  • Manufacture of underground high-voltage power lines with a total cable length of 60.000 meters including two main supply points of TEIAS and between substations for the purpose of meeting the energy needs of the whole system,

  • Installation of approx. 600 carrier pole system (catenary system), which provides energy transmission to the tramway vehicle,

  • Establishment of SCADA system in order to provide communication between central units, central units in substations, central control unit and local units.

  • CCTV (Camera), communication and announcement system installation for the purpose of providing image, data and voice communication between the control center and all central equipment and field facilities,

  • 16 signaling editing work at the intersection of the highway and tram line

  • Installation and installation of gas fire extinguishing systems of transformer buildings will be made.


  • 30 bin m2 will be used for parking, maintenance and repair of the tramway vehicles, control center for the operation of the line and administrative offices.
  • Prefabricated reinforced concrete building with 5.640 m2 closed area where maintenance and repair of tramway vehicles, control center for the operation of the line and administrative offices are located,
  • Generator building, water tank, entrance exit building and transformer building,

  • Environmental walls, green areas, walkways and landscaping,

  • Horizontal and Vertical Traffic Signs,

  • Various iron works,

  • Low voltage, low current, lightning protection and grounding installation works in buildings,

  • Field and indoor lighting works,

  • Installation of sub-wheel lathe to be used for re-profiling the wheels without the need to remove the wheel sets of tramway vehicles in the vehicle,

  • Installation of vehicle automatic washing plant for washing of tramway vehicles,

  • 16 meter span 8 tons capacity 1 pieces bridge crane installation,

  • 270 2 jib crane assembly with 1 ton capacity,

  • Plumbing, Heating Installation, Compressed Air System, Natural Gas Installation, Fire Installations, VRF Cooling-Heating Facilities and Ventilation Installations will be made for the workshop building.

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