1000 Allowance Grant for National Train Project

1000 lyrical chamber has been reserved for national train project
1000 lyrical chamber has been reserved for national train project

1 billion 564 million pounds of Turkey's huge, '' National Train "(EMI) project in 2019 to just 1.000 pounds' trail appropriation was made. It turned out that a single penny was not spent on the national train project, which was launched in 2016 and has been voiced in every election so far. After the train accident due to lack of signalization in Ankara, 335 million TL was allocated to the investment program for signalization investments.


This image is shared on TÜVASAŞ's website, with the information that the design studies for the first national and domestic electric train set are ongoing.

SPOKESMANAccording to the report of Erdogan SÜZER, the size of the "National EMU Train Set" project, which includes 20 electric train sets, totaled 607 million 63 thousand liras in the investment program of last year. For the project, which has not spent a penny since 2016, 2018 million TL has been added to the 78 program, and the project is expected to be completed with the resources to be transferred until the end of 2020. However, the newly released investment program for 2019 revealed that 78 million TL was not used last year. In this year's program, the total size of the project was increased to 1 billion 564 million 207 thousand liras, while the end date was shifted to 2023. However, although the investment amount was increased, only a thousand lira 'trace allowance' was put into the program for this domestic and national project. Trace appropriation refers to the amount of the delegation allocated to projects that are decided to cease their investments in accordance with the economic conjuncture, but which are considered useful in the investment program. Following the high-speed train accident in Ankara, where 9 people were injured due to lack of signaling last year, 86 people were injured, TCDD invested 334 million 908 thousand TL in the scope of the project for the construction of the electrification, signalization and telecommunication facilities and infrastructure improvements. The project covers the train tracks in 18 cities where high speed trains and conventional trains operate, especially in Ankara, Eskişehir and Konya. Last year, 970 million TL was allocated to TCDD for these investments. However, it was understood that the expenditure made last year reached 1 billion 182 million liras. In addition, TCDD has been allocated 80 million TL this year for the maintenance and repair of signaling and electronic communications investments.


TCDD gave priority to 393 km Ankara-Sivas line among high-speed train investments. Despite the allocation of 500 million lira last year for this line, the total expenditure reached 3 billion lira. Thus, the money spent on the project, which is 9.7 billion lira, reached 2018 billion lira as of the end of 8.7. This year, 1 billion 30 million TL has been allocated for the project. However, the completion date of the project, which is foreseen to be completed in 2019 last year, reached 2020, and the total resources required for the project increased to 13 billion 172 million liras. The high increase in costs indicates that much higher appropriations will be needed for the project.

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