Turkey's most important country of the modern Silk Road

the most important countries of turkey modern silk road
the most important countries of turkey modern silk road

Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan "Lapis Lazuli corridor of Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey's economy, a very important initiative aiming at the development of trade relations and transportation links. The layan Middle Corridor. And the Lapis Lazuli route are two important corridors connecting Asia and Europe. Azar

International Transport Ministers Conference of the Parties to the Transit and Transport Cooperation Agreement was held on 28 November 2018 in the Turkmenbashi city of Turkmenistan.

Ticaret 1.5 billion dollars of trade between Asia Europe per day “

He attended the conference representing Turkey, Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, in his speech at the opening session, Asia and noting that passed through a period of deepening of economic and commercial relations between the European continent which has reached two continents dollars 1,5 trading day billion between.

X In 2025, the trade volume between the two continents is expected to rise to 740 billion dollars “

Turhan, this trade volume is expected to continue to increase and 2025 billion dollars is expected to reach a billion dollars by considering the volume of trade in question between the two continents said that the development of transportation is seen as very important. In this context, Afghanistan Lapis Lazuli corridor, Turkmenistan, the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan, Georgia and the economy in Turkey, aiming at the development of trade relations and transportation links Turhan stated that a very important initiative, the Caspian Sea "Central Corridor" and Lapis Lazuli routes of Asia and Europe noted that the two important corridors connecting '.

"Turkey is the most important country in the modern Silk Road"

Minister Turhan, with mega projects in Turkey and the Transit Transport Cooperation Agreement (Lapis Lazuli) stating that they made great efforts to connect the corridor to Europe, said:

Tır Undoubtedly our steps towards infrastructure investments and transportation will facilitate the further activation of these routes. The role of the Caspian crossing is very critical in the efficient service of this corridor. The recently opened Turkmenbashi International Port was one of the most important projects of the Modern Silk Road. This port will connect Afghanistan and China to Europe through Central Asia as the rings of a chain with the recently completed Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Project. This success of the brother country Turkmenistan is a great source of pride and pride for us. with mega-projects in Turkey, we're striving to connect this corridor to Europe. Turkey improved road network and uninterrupted railway link with the modern Silk Road has become one of the important countries. "

X We continue to implement the 13 project, including the rehabilitation of existing railway lines “

Turhan pointed out that the railway network has reached 12 thousand 710 kilometers and continued to implement the 13 project, including the construction of new railway lines on the UN Trans-Asia Railway Network and the rehabilitation of existing lines; 15 520 last year to strengthen the transportation infrastructure XNUMX said they invested a billion pounds.

Turhan stated that the development of transportation infrastructures is important but not enough alone, çok It is only possible to convert certain routes into priority transportation corridors, but it is possible to facilitate transportation on this line, to develop multimodal alternatives and logistics facilities ın.

"From Afghanistan to Turkey and European trade corridor"

Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Turkmenistan, Mehmet Han Çakiyev stated that there are increasing efforts to revitalize the Silk Road both regionally and nationally.

Azar The trade corridor within the framework of the Lapis Lazuli Agreement is connected with the Caspian after the Turgundi center of Afghanistan, Ashgabat and continues to Baku. After Tbilisi to Turkey and from Turkey will go to Europe. This Transit Transport Corridor, which connects Central Asia with Europe, will also help to improve our trade volume. This conference shows that the slogan of kal the heart of the Turkmenistan Great Silk Road Y has really come to life. Konferans

”The Silk Road helps developing countries like a vein, cultural fusion“

The Prime Minister of Azerbaijan 1. His deputy, Yakup Eyubov, said that trade routes have long since helped to develop countries such as a vein, and cultural fusion. In December, we will be sending the test load, however we will see which areas need to be developed. Aralık

The representatives of Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Georgia also took the floor and expressed the demands of the Lapis Lazuli Agreement for the creation of a road map and the importance of the agreement for their countries.


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