Captives Crossover Interchange Relieve Transit Passage

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality facilitates the lives and transportation of the citizens living in the districts. Kocaeli - Yalova D-130 highway located between the 22 and 23 km, Gölcük Yüzbaşılar junction crossing is made. Traffic lights will be lifted with the intersection that will be made, and uninterrupted transport and regional traffic will be provided. The new state hospital, which will be built in the region, will prevent heavy vehicle traffic. The whole project cost 20 million 457 thousand TL.

The construction of the capitals of Köprülü, which has been started, will be reduced and the traffic density of the State Hospital will be reduced and the transit passages in the D-130 can be carried out comfortably. The project will cost 20 million 457 thousand TL; 96 thousand cubic meter excavation filler, 10 thousand cubic meter concrete, 144 pieces bored pile (3 bin 500 meter length), thousand 850 cubic meter stone wall, 6 bin 800 meter drainage line, thousand 900 square meter earthing wall, 30 thousand tons plentmiks foundation, 26 bin 500 tone asphalt, 11 thousand meters long border, 10 thousand square meter pavement and 190 pieces precast beam will be manufactured.

The D-130 will be built on the JNUMX 2 800 meters along the main road and intersection. The junction of the bridge is 7 to 8 and a half meter and the main road is designed to have a width of 20 meters. 8 span 190 meter-long bridge will be made with 2 × 2 lane.

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