The merger of Siemens with Alstom is under review by the EU

The initiative of German Siemens, which wants to buy French Alstom's activities in the railway sector, has been examined by the European Union (EU).

Siemens, a German-based technology giant, announced that it wanted to buy French Alstom's activities in the railway sector. The European Union (EU) announced that the decision to start an investigation about the purchase attempt.

EU Commission, high-speed rail, subway and tram services in the field of transport services, such as the French Alstom in the railway sector who wants to buy the railway signaling that they are competing with Siemens underlined.

The EU Commission, fearing that the merger of the two companies could lead to unfair competition, said they had initiated an investigation into the initiative.

The EU Commission has the power to monitor the unfair competition of companies in the EU. The Commission considers whether the activities of the companies are against competition or not.

The EU Commission is hampering procurement if the two companies have identified an anti-competitive situation in the merger or acquisition. Thus, unfair competition in the sector is prevented.

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