Tramway work in Izmir citizen revolted now

The tram works in Izmir have now revolted the citizens: Images that do not suit the contemporary city of Izmir… The streets and avenues where the tramway works continue, there are scenes that do not suit Izmir.
Particularly due to the tram Karşıyaka - Problems in the Atakent - Bostanlı part caused the citizens to revolt. In addition to traffic jamming, measures not taken on the road and problems in crossing endanger both drivers and pedestrians.
"Leave that 'Image Maker' now.
Commenting on the Media Ege Whatsapp hotline, the citizen said, “In the heart of the modern and secular city, the citizen is facing death! Despite the fact that every morning the students are in a hurry to keep up with the school by running, the working pedestrians have trouble getting to their jobs, and the drivers who unfortunately resist not to give way to the pedestrians in their vehicles, and regard the absence of traffic lights as an excuse not to stop; the people are fighting for survival. Here Karşıyaka In front of Atakent Migros. The negligence made for the sake of the tram is getting unbearable… The words "We are always ready for duty" next to the Chairman are only my images left? Let go of your duties as image maker as soon as possible .. Tell me how many kilometers can a soul travel? " gave place to his words.



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