ITU Solar Car Team at BTSO

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted Istanbul Technical University Solar Car Team (ITU GAE).

BCCI, they have developed a new generation of solar-powered vehicle "BOW İSTKA" years to introduce and Turkey were the guests of the tour in order to test out ITO DAE. Members of the BTSO Board of Directors Muhsin Koçaslan and Alparslan Şenocak accepted the visit. BTSO Board Members who received information from the team about the solar car then examined the vehicle with the students. İTUDER Bursa President Hasan Tuğcu was accompanied by İTÜ Solar Car Team during the visit.


BTSO Board Member Muhsin Koçaslan, in his speech to the youth, said that the automotive sector is one of the biggest sectors of the world with its trade volume exceeding 4 trillion dollars. Koçaslan stated that the sector had entered into a transformation process with accumulating technology and said, Autonomous vehicle technologies, solar energy systems and electric vehicle technologies are carried out very important works worldwide. In this sense, this tool developed by our young people is the product of an important vision. I would like to congratulate all the students who have contributed and wish them success in the competitions they will participate in our team. E

Bursa, Turkey is the capital of the automotive industry Alparls Şenocak said, they are ready to give every kind of support as Bursa business world in improving the vehicle's development and production facilities, he said.


Hasan Tuğcu, the President of the Bursa Branch of the ITU Alumni Association, thanked the BTSO Administration for hosting. As an association, they support the ITU graduate with their activities in Bursa, indicating that they support the graduates who work in various fields of industry, university students to lead the transfer. Tuğcu added that the ITU House, which they opened last year, became the meeting point of the graduates.


The ITU solar car team, which has been working since 2007, has been successful in the national and international level, and the students continue their education in different engineering departments. In the 2004 in the area which will be held in Australia, the world's most prestigious events on the World Solar Challenge, the team prepared to represent Turkey, and prior to this contest in October this year will take place in Sasol Solar Challenge, which will be held in South Africa.

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