Afad's Evaluation Meeting on Train Accidents

After the train wreck in Tekirdağ, the Directorate of Disaster and Emergency Management made an evaluation meeting on issues such as referral and coordination, notification among the units, news and information flow.

08 on July 2018 - Uzunköprü-Halkalı An evaluation meeting was held in 18.07.2018: 10 in the meeting of Investment Monitoring Coordination Department on 00 in order to improve the cooperation and coordination between our institutions and organizations and to evaluate the intervention services by TAMP service groups.

Mr. Abdülkadir TEZCAN, TCDD 1, from the Department of Disaster and Emergency Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Deputy Regional Director Levent M. MERİÇLİ, Istanbul AFAD Union Director Tezcan BUCAN and 26 Service Group Representatives attended.

In the morning session of the meeting, a general presentation was made about how the train crash occurred and the intervention works. Then the work of the Provincial Disaster and Emergency Management Center was discussed. The work of TAMP service groups working at the scene and at the AADYM center was discussed in detail.

2 of the meeting. In the session, negotiations were held on the scene of incident, management, referral and coordination, notification among units, news and information flow. According to the TAMP plan, the implementation and coordination stages of the system of intervention in the train crash were consulted with service groups. The opinions and suggestions of the service groups about the intervention were evaluated. The meeting ended with Recep EROL's assessment speech of Provincial Disaster and Emergency Director.

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