The Dream Was Real The First Step In The Uzungol Cable Car

The first step was taken for the ropeway project in Uzungöl, the world-famous tourism center located in the boundaries of the Çaykara district of Trabzon. 2018 3 540 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX

2013 project was prepared in Uzungöl, but the intervening 5 was the first step in the construction of the ropeway project, which was viewed as 'dream' during the year. In the cable car project at the foot of the Kaçkar Mountains, the main station was completed and trees were cut in areas where the poles would be installed. 3 thousand 540 meter-long cable car to protect the forest 55 to cut the trees, the poles were planted in areas where the sewing is started. 2018 10 will be the 40 wagon in the XNUMX cable car in December.

Şükrü Fettahoğlu, one of the partners of the cable car project in Uzungöl, said that they started the project in 2013 and that they approved the project in 2017. Fettahoğlu said, ler In the year of 2, we started this business with the attempts of the late governor Recep Kızılcık. 2013 In February 14 we completed all the professors and approved our project. The trees in the area where the poles will pass are completed. Excavations are being carried out. After sewing the poles, we plan to start the 2017 station until the end of December. The distance between this 2 station will be 2 km. The 2,5 we're building later. The total distance along with the station will be 3 thousand 3 meters. That is the longest distance ropeway in the Black Sea. The approximate cost will be around 540 million TL Yaklaşık.

5 emphasizes that they are engaged in bureaucratic obstacles throughout the year and said, F We aim to run this cable car for 12 months. Uzungol 3 is a tourist resort running the moon. We have made these attempts to spread this 12 to the moon. We took a lot of bureaucracy on this road. 3 station and route 59 800 29 square meter area 29 annual rental from the national parks. However, although we rented 4 yearbook, we could only get 12 license. Despite the bureaucratic obstacles, we have come today. We have an area of ​​2 acres in our main station. 2019 will be one thousand square meters of closed service areas. We aim to complete the lift in December. 10 will be completing our third station in the spring. 40 will be XNUMX grain wagon. The visitors will see Uzungöl from here. Gelen

Fettahoğlu stated that the highest pole in the ropeway is 65 meter. When visitors arrive at the ropeway, they should see the Haldizen Valley and the Uzungöl basin. Our smallest pole will be the 45 meter, while our longest pole will be the 65 meter. The longest of the trees here is 20 meters. All of these trees were measured individually by the cable car company. It was a great run. The number of trees cut for the cable car is 55. The forest has not been damaged at all m.

25 years trying to make the cable car to the Garester Plateau on the hill, stating that Fettahoğlu, ına Black Sea's hased with fesadi end. 25 is trying to build a ropeway to the Garester Plateau on the hill against the years. What the bottom is what the top station. Unfortunately, someone was looking for a cable car to Austria. We've made the cable car here, ready. Their area is the landslide area they want to make up the hill. There's no cable car. This hased and mischief to finish and do something to the Black Sea. Thousand 76 I've been living here for this region until today I have made the win. This ropeway project, the dream was turned to the truth after taking the foundations Bu.



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