TCDD Subcontracted Workers were sent

TCDD subcontractor workers came to the description of the staff. In the published article, it is stated that information is requested for TCDD subcontractor staff. This development may be important in terms of staffing the SOE.

There has been a significant development in the recruitment of KIT contract workers. State Railways of the Republic of Turkey by a unit of the General Directorate of cadres sent to local units post. In the article TCDD subcontractors were asked about the information and some documents of the workers who have some conditions. For TCDD contract workers this was a hope.

My Officer news site has reached the official letter TCDD 7 Regional Rail Maintenance Service Directorate sent. The manuscripts were sent to the distribution locations:

Some information is requested to be the basis of the staff work of the subcontractor employees working in the service procurement carried out in the interest / directorate.

Within this scope, TCDD 7. In the zone of the regional directorate, 12 is a level crossing service of 01.01.2018 31.12.2018 personnel with 48 - 1.

A copy of the identity card, the copy of the copy of the diploma, the certificate of professional competence, the photocopy of the certificate of mastership or journeyman certificate within the scope of the law no. 3308 shows the date of discharge certificate, residence information;

For each employee, it is necessary for our Directorate to be filed separately. These documents should be sent to our Directorate until the date of 19 07 2018.

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