Winter shortage in YHT (Summer Express Train).

While we are trying to fight with the harshest winter conditions of recent years, we are also saddened by the fact that we believe that our High Speed ​​Train, which we have completed the longing with the project of the century as Konya, is increasingly the Summer Train. Airplanes, snow-winter, fog he does not get up, our Summer Express Train expeditions are canceled and eventually turns into a dead end in Konya Uçak

With the weather getting cooler, the speed of our summer high-speed train, the speed down to the 3-4 hours, or people removed with full-time expeditions -10, -15 degrees were really difficult.

Here is a high-level bureaucrat living in Ankara, we shared his distress: sıkıntı Dear Uğur Beyciğim I present my deepest love and respect. I wanted to share the problems I encountered during my visit to Konya with you and my colleagues through your columns. 25 On January, I went to Ankara Sincan Gar and I wanted a place to come to Konya from High Speed ​​Train. Business Clas was included because there was no room in the economic class. I came to Konya. I went down the train with my wife, my child and my belongings. I looked at the performance of the municipality that did not work in the first step. Every place in the water was in the hands of people in the hands of the ice and water struggle.

Anyway, I got into a taxi with my mother and the taxi just barely got on with ice. You know, we were doing good municipalities? Now I will end my troubles with a beauty of TCDD. 29 Return ticket in January with the convenience of buying from Ankara, I ended my duties in Konya and returned to the station. In order to make an expedition confirmation for the 14.30 train, I called the train. 'Is there a problem with my train?' He said. When the sound of the 14.30 train was canceled, the ordeal started again. I asked s Did you transfer us to the next time? Ben They said “no G very easily. So what do I do? They said, "Let's give Gar a place from 19.30."

We were forced to jump to the station. I learned that during the meeting I had with Deputy Director Erhan Bey, there was trouble within themselves, and that the annulment was made directly from the general directorate.

Now I want to ask our General Manager Mr. TCDD through you?

This is even when the expedition is done before the meeting with the Konya Station, without the idea of ​​the expedition is canceled?

Well, if you don't mind. Apply redundancy Turn 1 clock expeditions.

I came from Konya at the 2 hour earlier yesterday, but I came in 2 hour.

Who makes this straw for Konya?

Please, Mr. General Manager, explain to the people who take advantage of the train.

Let us learn as a people. De

God Almighty give the citizen patience to ease the rulers.

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