General Director of State Airports Authority (DHMI) Funda Ocak Funda Ocak stated that the target for the inauguration of Istanbul New Airport is 29 October 2018 and said:) At that time, this airport will be opened. All developments and studies clearly reveals that there will be no shifts in this issue. Bütün

Speaking at a press conference held at the DHMI Social Facilities in Florya with the participation of Istanbul Airports Correspondents' Association (IHMD), Ocak said that the crisis started to end in 2017 in aviation sector, and that the number of passengers started to increase again.

The Russian passengers quickly come to Turkey again noted that the recovery in January, he said they were doing some collaborations with European tour operators to attract passengers this year.

The second runway in Sabiha Gökçen Airport will be completed in 2019 by adding that ağ However, we cannot start service on the 2 track immediately after the second runway has been completed. Because the current runway is being used since 2000. There are cracks and undulations. Following the second runway as the main runway, we will take the main runway for repair. The target date for service with two tracks in Sabiha Gökçen will find the end of 2019. Sab

Funda January in Istanbul is at the top of the eyes of the world for the new airport, expressed Turkey's success story would show everyone with this project, 80 percent reported that completion of the first stage of construction.

Noting that the efforts of the DHMI team to this airport should not be ignored, ği Target 29 October 2018. At that time, this airport will be opened. All developments and studies clearly reveal that there will be no shifts in this issue. Bu

DHMİ General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors said that the modern equipment and communication equipment to be used in the new airport voyages are ready, and that they will be assembled and calibrated after the place delivery.

Sah A project that will affect European airspace “

İstanbul Istanbul New Airport is a project that will affect not only Istanbul airspace but also European airspace. Romania, Bulgaria and Central Europe, the letter of the agreement, from us to get up from us, who descended on us, all the countries that come up and down to them will affect the airspace. For this reason, our friends have increased their capacity for Istanbul airspace. Hava

Funda Ocak stated that the 100 air traffic controller completed the trainings for the Istanbul New Airport area and that the 25 air traffic personnel were continuing their trainings and that the experienced 25 controller working in other squares would also be working here.

In We have supplied the system and devices, we have designed the procedures, prepared the letters of agreement with the countries that are interacting in the whole European air space. We had our meetings. We made our 'Eurocontrol' reports, and we have differentiated our staff. We are ready and present in this airspace after Istanbul New Airport is in operation. They were never mentioned, never reflected in public opinion. This is an extremely important issue. DHMİ did not only deal with Istanbul New Airport projects, but also with monitoring, control and control. He had a very heavy sweat and sharp sweat of the actual airspace. These works are still going on. Hopefully, all systems and devices will be installed after July until the flight controls will be done. Ş

DHMİ General Manager January, two independent tracks, 8 million square meters of coated areas, 1,4 million square meters of terminal and other support buildings for the construction of the new airport 42 month period is insufficient, but this year, the weather in the timely completion of the project helped to finish.

“We have made it ready“

First to Istanbul New Airport 26 On a question about some news that the plane carrying President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will be landed in January, January stated that they made all kinds of preparations on this subject and added, y Of course, Mr. President is appreciated but we are ready. We brought it. get

Noting that the Gayrettepe-Airport Metro will not catch up with the 29 airport opening in October, açılış It is likely that (at opening) 7-8 month after the most intense work continues. This time, the airport-Halkalı Prepared for the preparation of the tender for the Metro Line. Dı said.

January, on a question, the new airport planned to work in the second stage of air traffic control units until the establishment of aircraft approaching services will be given from Ataturk Airport, the tower services will be executed by the controllers in Istanbul New Airport said.

Referring to the process of moving from Ataturk Airport to the new airport January, ına 29 October rate of the ceremony date, that day does not happen. 30 October 03.00 moving process will be started and 31 October will be completed at 23.55. X

”We gave the IST code to Istanbul New Airport“

January, Ataturk Airport for the International Air Transport Association (IATA) also received a new flight code by transferring, "ISL, Ataturk Airport's new flight code, IST code, we have given to Istanbul New Airport."

Head of DHMI Public-Private Sector Cooperation Cengiz Kurt said that they divide the moving process into three sections and that the largest share in transactions at the last stage belongs to Turkish Airlines (THY), followed by Turkish and other foreign companies doing air transportation.

Kurt, THY 31 October 02.00 12'ta cut off flights, XNUMX hours will provide the move without specifying the operation, said:

. Because it is the world's largest airport, it will be one of the world's largest relocation operations. This one will also be by road. It will be transported through an extremely busy traffic like Istanbul. I need a lot of coordination, but I don't think there will be any problems. The route will be from Press Ekspres Road, Mahmutbey Tolls. The municipality, the gendarmerie and all the public and organizations working on the route, will be coordinated by AKOM and will be moved. Traffic can also be cut off if needed. Taşın

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