New Public Transport Route to Dicle District

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, which works for more comfortable and comfortable public transportation service, started to provide transportation services to thousand 500 people by extending the public transportation route in Dicle district. Greater Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, more convenient and comfortable public transport [more…]

34 Istanbul

Minister Arslan Announced 3rd Airport to Open on 29 October

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan stated that 80 percent of the Istanbul New Airport has been completed and said, "I hope we will put the airport into service on October 29 with the presence of our President, Prime Minister and many of our guests." said. Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet [more…]


Samsunspor Supporter Tram Free

With the instruction of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz tomorrow, between 11.00 - 16.00, the tram will serve the fans who go to Samsunspor-Büyükşehir Belediye Erzurumspor match free of charge. Passolig card on 11.02.2018 Sunday (tomorrow) between 11.00 - 16.00 [more…]

Intercity Railways

Destroying a Republic Heritage

Filyos'da first 1927'de, the second is at the beginning of the 1950'ler destroyed historical scaffolding. Destructed scaffolding is threatening. Turkey Grand National Assembly in December 13 xnumx't to between Ereğli and Ankara, for the establishment of a railway line [more…]

Intercity Railways

The voyage to Vangölü

Young people who flock to Kars from Ankara want to come to Van on the Van Lake cruise with the Vangolu Express. However, there is no railway on land and the seaway is expensive and takes a long time. There are also tickets that cannot be found. A big to van [more…]

35 Izmir

Konak Tram Performs Its First Campaign

Konak Tram has successfully completed its first gabari test drive at the minimum speed among the applause of the people of Izmir. This was the first time on the social media agenda with shared photos and videos. Received by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality last year Karşıyaka Tramway [more…]

Intercity Railways

Meeting East Pass passengers with Mehterli

Erzincan Mayor Cemalettin Başsoy welcomed the Eastern Express passengers from Ankara to Kars with a mehter team in Erzincan and offered tulum cheese to the passengers. Expressing that they are happy for the interest shown to them, the passengers said, “The train journey is magnificent and [more…]


Samsun, Turkey's Economy Will Center

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz, "Samsun Logistics Center will come to mind at the mention of Turkey's economy," he said. PTT General Manager and Chairman of the Board Kenan Bozgeyik, after visiting Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz in his office [more…]


Regulation on Public Transport Charges in Samsun

The 2018st regular meeting of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Transportation and Coordination Center (UKOME) in 1 was held. The UKOME meeting, organized by the Department of Transportation, was held in the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Technical Works Department AKOM Service building meeting room. Samsun Metropolitan [more…]

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