Izmir's Rail System Network 14 Grows 16 Floor Over A Year

Speaking at the opening ceremony for the 5 new facilities of İZBETON, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “Those who say İzmir to 'snot' started to say 'İzmir is our apple of the eye' today. These happen by working with words, not with other accounts, but with love. Even if nobody supports it, İzmir is one of the exceptional cities that can develop with its own power. It has achieved this in 14 years, and will grow exponentially from now on. "We are competing with our own goals, not with other cities."

Reminding that Konak Tramway started trial runs, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said, “We were very battered and criticized. I hope Karşıyaka"It will be understood what we are trying to do after it is used as in".

President Kocaoğlu emphasized that they have increased the rail system network in the city by 14 times in 16 years, from 11 km to 179 km, and with the Buca and Narlıdere subways, which are aimed to be built this year, and the Bergama extension of İZBAN, 250 km. He added that they will achieve the rail system target.

Turkey's most advanced rail network stated that they established a system of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor "When I came into office, it was 70-80 thousand people rail journey with the system. Now this number will increase to 850 thousand. We compete, but not with other cities, but with ourselves. We are competing with our own goals. " He spoke in the form.



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