Niğde Municipality Launches Free Internet Period in Buses

Niğde Municipality, which continues to innovate by increasing the quality of service for citizens in public transportation every day, started the free internet period in public buses.

In this context, the first phase of the SSI and campus work on the bus launched on the bus in the work progressively learned to cover all the buses were learned.

In the context of the project implemented in accordance with the instructions of Rıfat Özkan, the Mayor of Niğde, our citizens who are using public transportation vehicles and students in Niğde University will be able to get free internet service in buses by providing safe and legal infrastructure.

  1. President Rıfat Özkan, who touched on the importance of internet in century technology, says: Taking this need into consideration, we continue our work for the use of our project in public transport services throughout the city. With this project, we aim to offer free internet service in buses to the service of our citizens and university students in a manner to cover all the public transportation vehicles in our SGK and CAMPUS line. Bu

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