Beware of Izmir! There are no more trams on the roads!

Reminding once again that the rules must be followed in order to operate safely on the tram, İzmir Metro A.Ş. officials emphasized the importance of using pedestrian crossings in terms of life safety. Meanwhile, on December 18 Karşıyaka It was determined that there was "no driver fault" in the sad accident on the tram line.

Karşıyaka With the completion of the line, tram transportation has entered the lives of Izmir residents since last April. As in many modern cities of the world, informative studies about the rules to be followed regarding the tram moving with vehicle and pedestrian traffic and the things to be considered were started with pre-operation flights in İzmir. Operating the tram line, İzmir Metro A.Ş. Within the scope of the information campaign titled “Keep an Eye on the Tram”, he made billboards and stall rackets and distributed flyers before the trial runs started. The campaign has also been extended to schools around the line. The informative team communicated face-to-face with thousands of students and explained the rules of living with a tram. In addition, warning signs for the use of pedestrian crossings were placed at many points on the line. It was stated that the warning and information campaigns will continue in the upcoming period.

No driver's fault
In the statement made by İzmir Metro A.Ş., referring to the sad incident on December 18, the pedestrian, who was learned from his wife, who was deaf, continued to walk towards the train line by looking against the direction of the train, despite all the warnings, the driver applied the emergency brakes of the train to make maximum braking It was stated that contact with pedestrians occurred. In the statement, it was reminded that the tram driver had no fault in line with the result of the investigation carried out after the incident and the Traffic Accident Detection Record.

Tramway transportation is more secure in every respect than wheel transportation, the authorities warned again about the risks that may occur when crossing the non-pedestrian crossing points and reminded that the rules should be followed. Metro Inc. officials, uncontrolled and wrong way to enter the vehicle traffic to the tram line uncontrolled and incorrect access to the underscores underlined.



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