Buses to be Followed by Smart Stops

bus stops with smart stops
bus stops with smart stops

Citizens who can follow the Metropolitan Municipality buses from the mobile devices in minutes, can see how many minutes the bus will be at the stops with the new application and the special screens at the stops.

with an application in the public transport system will be an example to Turkey some time ago started the Smart Stop Denizli Municipality Information Systems, intelligent screens began to stop private placement. Smart Stop Information System developed by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality IT Department was launched a while ago. The system, which works integrated with the instant location information of the buses, started working on desktop computers and mobile devices. With the application, it was provided that the city bus, which will pass through any desired stop, will be interactively learned moment by moment.

Buses can be tracked in minutes

Implementing the Smart Stop Information System, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, in addition to the system followed by smart devices, has started to place special screens on the stops for the citizens to benefit from the system more easily and easily. The 10, which is used extensively in the first place, shows how many minutes the buses will arrive at the stop. In addition, QR codes are placed on the stops, while citizens can access QR codes from their mobile phone or mobile device to find out when their bus will arrive. Intelligent Stall Information System ulasim.denizli.bel.t is It can be reached via the Transportation Portal or via the mobile application of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality.

“Our common love is Denizli”

Denizli Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan noted that citizens use technology at the highest level for a more comfortable and comfortable travel. Explaining that the citizens see where their bus is and how many minutes they will come to the station before leaving the house or workplace with the Smart Stop, President Zolan said that they started to put special screens on the stops, and how many minutes the buses will come to the station is followed from here. President Zolan said, “We continue to add beauty to our sea. We did what suits our city in all areas from transportation, infrastructure, sports to culture, and we will continue to do so. Because our common love is Denizli. ”

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