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📩 01/09/2021 07:07

Kardemir Board of Directors: We have initiated an investigation on all potential sources that may be able to provide manipulative action on Kardemir with the increase of SO2 ratio in our organization or from outside.

Kardemir Inc. The press release of the Board of Directors on the subject is as follows:

Our company continues to serve our city and our country and create value with 5.400 Billion TL investments made in 10 employees and 4.2 in the last year.

Considering that each ton of steel production is a bread and ova door for 40 people (World Steel Statistics), it is seen that approximately 96 Thousand people have made a living from our company.

In addition, within the scope of compliance with both human health and environmental regulations, 10 Million TL investment has been made in the last 385 year.

Approximately 2017 Million TL additional environmental investment plan was prepared in 193 within the scope of our environmental responsibility towards our living area Karabük and our colleagues in the field. This plan has been shared with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the Governorship of Karabük and the Municipality of Karabük and upon completion of these planned investments, our environmental obligations will be completed.

The investments, budget and commissioning dates are presented in the table below.

Q: NO Name of Investment Investment Finish Date (Trade / Transfer) Investment Cost (Budget-TL)

1 SM 1 + SM 2 Maintenance of ESP 12.03.2017 655.626
2 SM 3 Flue Gas Desulphurisation Plant 30.11.2018 38.865.637
3 SM 1-2 Flue Gas Desulphurisation Plant 30.11.2018 46.985.400
4 Sinter Zone Dedusting Systems 30.11.2018 27.408.150
5 Lime Plants Dedusting System 15.06.2017 586.809
6 Torpedo Drain Pits Dust Collection System 30.11.2018 9.769.048
7 YF Dedusting (including Kish-pit) 30.11.2018 35.239.050
8 Crushing and Screening 1-2 Plants Dust Collecting System 31.07.2018 5.873.175
9 Central Waste Water Treatment Plant Online Renewal 31.01.2016 176.195
10 Biological Treatment Plant Improvement 30.11.2018 19.577.250
11 Concrete of Roads 30.11.2018 7.830.900

TOTAL 192.967.241

All investments except Items 3 and 7 in this investment table have been started, and 2018 million TL of the 193 million-TL investment that will come into effect in the middle of 88,5 has been bonded as of today, and the remaining part is planned to be connected to the companies by the end of this month.

Although it is seen that these investments will be put into operation at the end of the year 2018, the improvement in air quality will be more pronounced with the plants commissioning in the middle of 2018.

The recent increase in SO2 amount is not related to the coal and ore quality of Kardemir. Our coal and ore suppliers are the same and purchases have been made within the limits of sulfur and SO2 defined by the Ministry of Environment. The increasing SO2 ratio is due to the lack of seasonal air circulation due to the geographical location of Karabük. The information regarding the lack of air circulation in terms of the geographical location of our city was also made to us through our Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization.

In addition, SO2 from domestic ore was reduced in our Sinter Process, where SO2 was the most common, the proportion of imported ore in the blend was increased. Similar application was made by coal.

During these applications, the cost of importing raw materials to our company was not taken into consideration and we acted with the awareness of people first, environment first.

In spite of all the SO2 improvements, plant capacity cuts and investment studies that we have explained above, we have started investigations on all potential sources that may provide manipulative action on Kardemir with the increase of SO2 ratio from within or outside.

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