South Korea Equips Trains with LTE-R Modems

South Korea is strengthening its technological infrastructure for the 2018 Winter Olympics, which it will host. 9 - 25 Many visitors will flock to the country for the February Olympic Games. LTE-R (LTE Railway) modems are added to high speed trains to keep internet and GSM connections stable due to the increasing number of users.

The new Wonju-Gangneung high-speed train, which can reach 250 mileage per hour, will bring visitors to the playground at the Winter Olympics. The LTE-R modem installed on the train distributes the wirelessly received data wirelessly inside the train. In this way, users will not experience disconnection due to the speed of the train.

Samsung cooperated with KT in Korea's telecommunications companies and became the company that realized this project. Samsung's 5 different LTE-R project in the past more said. But Wonju-Gangneung is the only "fast" model among these trains.


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